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The advantages of the Haida new constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The advantages of the Haida new constant temperature and humidity test chamber


Haida new constant temperature humidity chamber into what advantages, below we together to have a look:

1 using a semiconductor refrigeration of the heat pump operation efficiency is high, and its characteristics are also power converter;
2 by controlling the input current, which can achieve high precision temperature control;
3 plus temperature detection and control means, is easy to realize remote control, program control, computer, easy to form an automatic control system;
4 wet bulb temperature on-off regulation method can achieve high precision of regulating humidity;
5 stable performance, high precision temperature and humidity control, repair, maintenance cost is low, the energy conservation effect is obvious;
5 the ratio of performance to price than similar products, semiconductor refrigeration piece temperature range, the use of a wide range of.

Haida equipment has long been engaged in constant temperature and humidity test box, high low temperature test box, thermal shock test machine, R & D and production of aging test machine. Haida constant temperature and humidity box be way ahead in the same industry. Coupled with the reasonable price, excellent after sale service. It is our customers the best choice. For more information, please contact us!

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