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How to operation the salt spray testing chamber?

How to operation the salt spray testing chamber?


1. Connect the power line and air pipe to the back of machine.
2. Connect the water pipe to inlet, otherwise can not normal running. The machine have automatic add water devices, if no water pipe instead of manual water device.
Note that cover the test chamber carefully avoid damages.
3. Following the previous page to complete connection of drainpipe and exhaust pipe.
4. Add the water to plate position in seal tank, deployment of test solution.
a) Modulation: prepare 9.5kg pure distilled water, test the PH value whether between 6.5 to 7.2.
b) Add a litter glacial acetic acid if the PH value greater than 7.2.
c) Add a litter sodium hydroxide if the PH value less than 6.5.
(Above the b, c step general use the pure water, do not need test.)
d) Add 500g sodium chloride (NaCl). Stir.
5. Put the salt water into bottle of salt solution, the salt water will enter into the preheat sink automatically, economy 15 liters, 30 liters of standard.
6. Water wet bulb cup, Covered with gauze wet bulb thermometer, the end of gauze placed in wet bulb cup.
7. Put the specimen on shelf.
The tilting according to required standard, such as the standard specimen (130×70mm) can be inclined 15 degrees to 30 degrees.
8. Set the test temperature
According to the require standard(button"∨"reduce, "△"increase)
A. Salt test: chamber temperature      35°C
                Saturated air barrel temperature     47°C
B. Corrosion test: chamber temperature      50°C
                Saturated air barrel temperature     63°C 
9. Set the time: 0.1S-9999HR
(H: hour     M: minute     S: second      Button "+"increase    "-"reduce)
10. Press the power button, preheat the temperature to setting temperature.
11. Press the spray
A. Open the air value in the front of compressor, adjust the pressure to 2kg/cm²  first pressure.        
B. Adjust the regulator to 1kg/cm², the pressure value can see from the pressure gauge, secondary pressure.
12. Press the timer, record the test time.
13. Close the switch by order when test is completed.
14. Please refer to the table to determine processing dysfunction if meet abnormal test case.

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