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Optical instrument

Optical instrument


-Experiments can overthrow theories, but theories can never overthrow experiments.


A microscope is made up of many optical elements such as lenses, prisms and reflectors. It is by a series of synthesis and obtained unique excellent performance.

With the rapid development of modern manufacturing industry, the application and challenge of optical measuring instrument (optical microscopic measuring instrument and optical image measuring instrument, two-dimensional and three-dimensional) has become inevitable.

Our company this series of automatic optical image measuring instrument working principle(HD-M2010HD-M3020HD-M4030HD-M5040 :

1. The measuring workpiece (work table) is illuminated by LED surface lamp or wheel expandable lamp (on this basis, through the zoom objective to the measured component imaging color CCD camera cover, and then transmitted to the computer and through the S display terminal.

2. This software is based on a video display on the computer generated across measured workpiece, through the table drive optical ruler in the X, Y, in every space coordinates, from the adapter card into the computer, geometric programming and automatic operation measuring coordinates, to accomplish the automatic measurement and automatic data collection work of various kinds of data.

Optical testing instruments can test the quality and size of products, and can solve many problems for you. If you have other questions, please contact us. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us for technical exchange.

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