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Optical instrument - Stereomicroscope presents unique charm

Optical instrument - Stereomicroscope presents unique charm


The infinitely precious eye of nature gives us the power of observation, which accumulates and enriches our knowledge. But the general method of observation has all the limitations described below

1. Human eyes are sensitive only to visible wavelengths

2. It takes a certain intensity of light for human eyes to see. At night, when there is no light, no moonlight and only starlight (about 0.2 lux), the human eye is useless.

Therefore, physical optical instruments that cannot be measured by human eyes can.

The main application fields are: metal products processing industry, mold, plastic, hardware, gear, mobile phone and other industries detection, as well as industrial product development, mold design, hand lever production, original engraving, RP rapid prototyping, circuit detection and other fields.

The main instruments are: second element, tool microscope, optical image measuring instrument, optical image projector, three dimensional, three coordinate measuring machine, three dimensional laser copy machine, which is strictly following the standards HD-M2010, HD- M4030, HD-M5040.

1. Important discoveries and innovations in science and technology are inseparable from testing and instruments.

2.  Advanced measurement and control system has become an important component of precision strike weapons and equipment.

3.  Testing instruments are helpful to find out the shortcomings of products, so as to improve products and improve product quality.

Optical testing instruments can test the quality and size of products, and can solve many problems for you. If you have other questions, please contact us. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us for technical exchange.

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