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Pay attention! Office Chair sit in every day may have hidden dangers

Pay attention! Office Chair sit in every day may have hidden dangers


According to estimates, an office staff every day to use office chair time in more than 8 hours, some software development engineers use time even longer, it can be seen that the quality of office chair, the health and safety of users have a great impact, some product quality is unqualified or even hidden safety risks.

Among them, the stability test is an important indicator to assess whether the quality of office chair is qualified. According to haida testing engineers, the office chair with unqualified stability is prone to tipping when the user leans forward, backward or sits on the side, which may lead to consumer injury and potential safety hazards.

For instance, five star foot is the important part that has bearing capacity effect in swivel chair, if its quality does not pass a barrier, break easily happens in using process, bring about consumer to fall and cause personal injury very likely.

In addition to the five-star feet, casters are another indispensable part of the swivel chair. The stand or fall of castor quality concerns the service life of office chair.


HD-F732 Chair Castor Tester

The main reason for the damage is that the manufacturer may purchase the castor raw materials whose quality is not very good. If the castor raw materials are qualified in the normal experiment, it will not be damaged for 100,000 times. If the quality is poor, it may be broken for 10,000 or 20,000 times

The phenomenon of unqualified products caused by poor quality of raw materials is far more than this. Some office chairs with poor quality may unknowingly bring harm to consumers.


In order to better human quality of life, please pay attention to the quality testing of office chairs.

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