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PICE Soild State Disk Intelligent Testing System

PICE Soild State Disk Intelligent Testing System

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

PICE Soild State Disk Intelligent Testing System


  • Support for the testing of PCIE products;

  • Support for the customization of the number of test pieces produced for PCIE, e.g. 96 pieces, 124 pieces, 196 pieces, 256 pieces, etc;

  • Support for the development of micro and miniature customization, e.g. 4, 8, 12 pieces, etc;

  • Support for (-70 degrees to +180 degrees) testing;

  • Support for abnormal power failure tests and aging tests;

  • Support for automated temperature control testing;

  • Support for intelligent control of all tests using software;

  • Support for the customization of test software;

  • Support for air speed and temperature equalization in the chamber;

  • Support for rapid temperature rise and fall control;

  • Support for customized development of PCIE aging;

  • Support networked control, allowing off-site control of the test and viewing of test results;

  • Support for APP remote control of the test;


The complete test system consists of a high and low-temperature chamber, TEST PC motherboard, BASEBOARD board, PM board, ESD anti-static products test fixtures, transmission data CABLE cable, ESD antistatic front, and rear insulating fiberboard, touch screen operating platform mainframe, customized sealing rubber plugs, ESD antistatic Front PC motherboard racks, special test power supplies, FPGA boards, etc.

1SSD PCIE hardware and software test system architecture:

The main features of the principle structure are as follows:

  • The Chamber can be customized in small or large sizes depending on the application and the number of pieces;

  • Control board: Each PC main board is in the form of a 1 tray 4, with test programs developed and maintained by the company;

  • Test items: The test items mainly include various power-down tests, extensive read/write comparison tests, protocol tests, etc;

  • Control platform: The entire test is controlled by scripting through the Console;

  • QMS server: All test results are transmitted back to the QMS in real-time and stored permanently;

  • Network interface: off-site control via the network and real-time purchase of production test status by the customer;

  • Software included (underlying LUNIX operating system, application Win10 system software)

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