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5000KN Hydraulic Universal Tensile Testing Machine

5000KN Hydraulic Universal Tensile Testing Machine

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

1000KN Hydraulic Universal Tensile Testing Machine

1.Machine Introduction:
Hydraulic universal testing machine adopt oil cylinder mounted under the host, mainly for metals,
non-metallic tensile, compression and bending test.Used in metallurgy, construction, light industry,
aviation, aerospace, materials, universities, research institutes and other fields.Test operations
and data processing in line with GB228-2002 "metal material tensile test method at room temperature" requirements.
Hydraulic universal testing machineadopt oil cylinder under mounted type host, stretching space
isat the top of host, compression test space is between the at the work table and the crossbar .
Transmission System:
Down beam go up and down by the use of motor reducer, chain drive mechanism, vice screw drive,
to achieve tensile, compression of space to adjust.
Hydraulic System:
The hydraulic oil in the tank through motor drive high-pressure pump into the oil, flows through check,
high pressure oil filters, differential pressure valve set, servo valves, into the oil cylinder.Computer
control signals to the servo valve, the control and direction of the servo valve opening to control the
flow into the cylinder to achieve constant test force, constant displacement control.through the tubing, pressure tubing through and through oil return valve to tank.
Control System:
1. Support for tensile, compression, shear, bending and other tests;
2.  Support open editing test, editorial standards and editorial procedures, and to support export import testing, standards
3. Support custom test parameters;
4. Adopt an open statement in the form of EXCEL, to support user-defined report format;
5. Print the query testing results flexibility, support for printing multiple samples, custom sorting print projects;
6. Procedure supports hierarchical management levels (administrator, tester) user management rights;
Safety Protection Device:
a) When the test force more than 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection, oil pump motor
shut down.
b) When the piston rises to the upper limit position, stroke protection, pump motor shut down.
Whole set fextures include:stretch fixture,compression fixture,bending fixture.

2. Main specifications:
Max. Test load: 300KN

Max. Test load


Load range


Relative error of indicate value of load

≤ ±0.5%

Max. Ram stroke


Max. Tensile space

 800mm(including piston stroke)

Max. Compression space

 700mm(including piston stroke)


 Computer control and display

Tensile grips for round specimen


Tensile grips for flat specimen


Distance for two columns


Upper and lower platen size


The span of bending


Width of bending roller


Dia. of bending roller


Clamping mode



 Load cell

Deformation measuring


Dimensions of load frame


Dimension of controller


All weight


3. Load frame
Load frame photo design

* Rigid four column construction &compact design
* Dual workspace design : upper for tensile test , lower for compression and bending tests
* Movable lower crosshead providing exceptional easy operation
* Accurate force measurement through precision load cell
* With open hydraulic wedge grips for easy change of inserts and specimen loading
* Integrated displacement photoelectric encoder
* Cylinder mounted at the bottom of the machine

Picture of principle of hydraulic pressure

Characteristic of principle of hydraulic pressure
* Adopt import high pressure pump, lower noise, steady pressure
* Dynamical Systems and console integration design, easy to operate, save testing space
* The surface by spray treatment, appearance beautiful


Packaging & Shipping  

Simulation Animatronic Customer Triceratops are covered with air bubble film before put them into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc.  


Company Information  

The introduction of Haida  

Haida products are widely used in paper products, packaging, ink printing, adhesive tapes, bags, footwear, leather products, environment, toys, baby products, hardware, electronic products, plastic products, rubber products and other industries, and are applicable to all scientific research units, quality inspection institutions and academic fields. Our products meet UL, ASTM, JIS, GB,SO, TAPPI, EN, DIN, BS and other domestic and international standards.  




Our Services  

If you face any problems in future during testing process we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 3 working days. We can offer operation video and English operation muanual. We can provide video-conference. If customers require on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer.  


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