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Arched pendulum tube rain tester

Arched pendulum tube rain tester

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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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The machine is mainly used for assessment of electrical and electronic products shell, seals in the water after the test, or whether the test period to ensure that the equipment and components in good working performance and technical state, while the product during transport or in use may be subject to flooding implications for product technical standards referenced basis. Applicable to natural conditions as the basis for artificial rain test, without a strong wind rain, without regard to specimens in high temperature and water temperature by the introduction of a lot of water.


The machine consists of oscillating tube frame, swing pipe drive, rotary table work, electrical control of four parts, including turret shield, storage tanks, water pressure backflow device testing, control surfaces are made of stainless steel hairline box plate production, pendulum tube rack for the aluminum alloy.

1, the pendulum swing tube: through the motor, PLC (programmable controller) driver reducer, bearings and other mechanical drive implementation.

2, the working rotary table: motor driven gear rotates the turbine to achieve the table rotation speed of the turntable has a live electrical outlet that provides electricity needs of the test sample.

3, the nozzle: According to the size of the specimen to determine the oscillating tube bend radius. Detachable nozzle special nozzle orifice according to the requirements of the standard aperture change at any time, made so that water droplets emitted uniformly adequate flow nozzle divided into two colors, white areas for IP3 (placed on each side of the center tube of 60 ° There arc blowhole), then only the other colors of the water hole is provided in the closed state to the blue for IP4 (blowhole full swing tube in a 180 ° semicircle), which Just the other colors when the nozzle can be opened simultaneously.

4, waterways: open pendulum tube rain drainage must be considered in the construction should be considered when, in order to be able to quickly discharge, no water is better. Also to be equipped with a considerable capacity storage tank to supply the test requirements.

Second, according to the standard

This instrument has a standard cited: GB2423.38-90, GB/T4942.2/93, GB4208, GB4706, GB7000.

Third, the instrument specifications (Table 1)

Item Specification

Swing pipe radius 0.4m, 0.6m, 0.8m, 1.0m

Pendulum tube angle set free, but not more than 360 °

Put distance between holes 50mm

Swing pipe sprinkler hole diameter 0.4mm

Rain water pressure 50 ~ 150kpa (booster) direction can be adjusted / or customer self-pressurized

Test Bench speed 1 ~ 3r/min (adjustable)

Test bench size heavy, large product ¢ 600-800mm, height 200mm (from the ground)

Light, small product ¢ 200/300mm, height 700-1200mm (adjustable from the ground)

Soft water spray clean water

Pendulum tube drive motor with servo control system

Turntable motor Taiwan, "SIGMA" Himachal small torque motor, low voice, steady speed

Flow meter and pressure meter accuracy 0.2

Power supply AC220 ± 10%, 50HZ

Machine Size (1200-3200) mm × 800mm × 2000mm



Instrument structure



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