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Constan temperature tape retentivity testing machine

Constan temperature tape retentivity testing machine

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

Quality guarantee


1. Items for quality guarantee:

One year free service from the date it out of the factory. (The consumable is not in this range, and not include travel fee also.)


Ⅱ. Voucher for free service

1. Please maintain the operation booklet and warranty card. And please contact with our after-sale service department within a month if you loose them.

2. Constan temperature tape retentivity testing machine is useless for the voucher if there is any amendment or without our stamp.


Ⅲ.Technical or material fee will be charged under the following condition, though within warranty period:

1. Damage caused by disaster.

2. Barrier caused by the error or wrong operation.

3. Damage caused by using power or voltage disobey to the regulation.

4. Barrier caused by repacking yourself.

5. Barrier caused by lending to others.


6.Barrier caused by configuring yourself.



Constan temperature tape retentivity testing machine is used to do static load test toward the adherence of adhesive tape, to evaluate the retentive property through timing the retentive period under regulated load and temperature. Cut a sample with length 1”and paste it to the regulated SUS#304 stainless steel panel, roll it back and forth three times at the speed of 300mm/min, with 2kg roller. Hung the steel panel on the testing machine with the regulated weight. The timer will keep the testing time when the tape takes off the panel, which is used to evaluate the adherence property of the tape.

Testing Criteria:GB/T 4851、JIS Z0237,CNS 11888,PSTC-7


Technical Parameter:

Thickness of testing panel:1.5~2.0 mm,Width:40~50 mm,Length:60~125 mm

Roller:2 000 g±50 g

Temperature Rang:normal temperature~200℃

Controlled Method:micro computer P.I.D automatic temperature control

Temperature Displayed Accuracy:0.1℃

Temperature controlled Accuracy:±0.3 ℃

Spread Accuracy:±1%(1℃) at- room100℃

Weight:1000±10g(include the weight of load panel)

Timer:save time automatically,99999.9 hours(or minute,can be set), 5 groups

Size of Machine:(L×W×H)900×550×750mm

Weight of Machine:80 kg


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