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Cutlery rust resistance testing equipment

Cutlery rust resistance testing equipment

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Cutlery rust resistance testing equipment 

Product description
Cutlery rust resistance testing equipment
Using area: cutlery,  Knife ,Fork and other Stainless steel cutlery

Cutlery rust resistance testing equipment is widely used in the cookware testing and simulated the daily case of corrosion of cutlery and also other stainless steel cutlery.Aim to determine the resistance fo all kinds of stainless steel cutlery in our daily life.  

The main technical parameter :


HD-M007   Rust resistance testing equipment

1. A container made of thermal plastic with cover and specimen rack made of engineering plastic to raise and lower the specimen.

2. The testing solution is  Sodium chloride for 1%.

3. Heater with precise thermo controller to maintain the water tank temperature within 60 °C ±2°C.

4. A preset timer for the test duration setting.

5. Speed of the test cycle is adjustable from 2~5 cycles per minute.

6. Immersion stroke is adjustable.

experiment procedure:
1, the sample with hot soapy water to clean, cleaned with alcohol to wipe clean the sample;
2, the samples were clamped soaked in 60 ℃ ± 2 ℃ (not exceeding 62 ℃) 1% NaCl solution;
3, set up test speed: 2-3 times / min, test time: 6H;
4, after the test is completed, with a clean cotton cloth to insert a clean water stains, use wire 0,4 mm diameter and 0.75 mm in diameter, were placed in contact with the surface of the sample viewed under a magnifying glass at least four times the extent of the damage.

Rust resistance testing equipment  view:

Cutlery rust resistance testing equipment

Cutlery rust resistance testing equipment

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