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DIN Rubber Abrasion Testing Machine

DIN Rubber Abrasion Testing Machine

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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DIN Rubber Abrasion Testing Machine

Instrument Description
The main function of DIN Rubber Abrasion Testing Machine is a particular specimen surface friction
of sandpaper,and at a certain distance from the friction, abrasion of the surface of the evaluation sample,
the weight loss, the loss of volume,the thickness of the wear characteristics, and by than the standard
rubber on the abrasion of the assessment of material properties the thickness of the wear characteristics,
and by than the standard rubber on the abrasion of the assessment of material properties

The usage

DIN Rubber Abrasion Testing Machine applies to the abrasion test of  resilient material,
rubber,tyre,transport belt,synthetic leather. It's effictive and esay to operate. 

main feature
1, the start switch
2, abrasive sand circle: In 60 of sandpaper (size of 400 mm width × 472.5㎜ length) with double-sided
tape fixed to the wheel, the gap should not exceed 2 mm. (Random Annex 3)
3, the specimen holding device: holding test pieces, the size of the test piece of 16 mm diameter and a
thickness of 6 to 16 mm (lack of available paste mode).
4, weight: The weight of the holding member of 2.5N, extra 2.5N, 5N each one can use any combination.
5, rotation of the specimen rack: the specimen is rotated so that the rotation of the work.
6, dust cover: protection transmission part and prevents dust and improper loss.
7, round cutter: to cut specimens of 16 mm diameter, 13 mm for the grip, and with the general drilling
machine(such as drawings 2).
8, standard plastic: 175 × 116 × 8 cm Random with a shelf life of about one year


DIN Rubber abrasion testing machine
Mode HD-310
Specimens size 16mm, 6-15mm (D)
Fixture load 2.5N
Weight load 2.5N,5N
Fixture lateral displacement 4.2mm/wheel each lap
wheel diameter 150mm
wheel length 460mm
wheel rotate speed 40rpm
Travel reservations 40m/20m
Abrasion speed 0.32m/sec
Dip angle 3°the angle of the specimen
back shaft with vertical roller face 

The certification

ISO 9001:2000; ISO 9001:2008; QS-9000; ISO 14001:2004; CE, SGS, SMC, CMC, CPA, CE,CMA,IMC

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