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Initial Adhesion Tape Testing Equipments

Initial Adhesion Tape Testing Equipments

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T


Tape Initial Adhesion Testing Equipment is suitable for testing sensitive adhesive tape and the product similar to the pressure sensitive adhesive tape products.

Definition: Initial adhesion——Objects and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with small pressure brief contact between the cohesive surface, the adhesion of adhesive tape that effect on objects called initial adhesion.


Inclined planet roll ball device: Through steel and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with small pressure brief touching between the cohesive surface, the adhesion of adhesive tape that effect on steel to test initial adhesion.




Reference standard:GB/T4852


Equipment Instruction

Test Equipment:                                                                                                     

Inclined plane roll ball device (Picture1)

This device is mainly composed of inclined plate, the device that put the ball, support, base, catching box parts etc. As shown in Picture 1

1 . Release ball device  2. Inclined board    3. Catching ball box  4. Support   5.Dial   6.Based     7.Bubble            8. Angle pointer        9. Button corner adjustment                



  1. Inclined board:Covered the 7mm steel plate with 2mm thick glass plate, and form inclined plate. Lining mm coordinate paper, to place the sample, adjust the mark of start and end.
  2. Pull the ball machine:Put ball machine should be able to adjust the starting position of steel ball on inclined plate, the ball should be without any additional force when release the steel ball,

3、Support:The support be used for support the inclined plate, and could adjust the angle of plate in the range of 0~60°.

4、Base:The base should be able to adjust and maintain the device in the level.


5、Catching ball box:Catching ball box be used to receiving rolling steel ball on the plate, inside with the soft material.

Steel ball

   Made of GCr15 bearing steel the accuracy of it is not lower than “0” level of regulation of GB 308-77 steel ball, it is the 33 kind steel ball which diameter is 1 inch, could be used as test steel ball.

The steel ball is name the ball number according to the 32 times according to the inch diameter. Should use a set of steel ball that it is continuous number

Steel ball should be stored in anti-rust oil. The rust and scars ball should change in time.

Cleaner and wipe the material

3.1 Eliminate lotion: lotion can be used appropriate solvent such as chemical pure acetone, ethyl acetate, ethanol etc.

3.2 Wipe the material:Use the soft fabrics such as absorbent gauze wipe as materials. This kind of material shall not contain substances soluble in the solvent.







Angle of Inclination


Roll ball

Steel ball

The size of roll ball


Inclined board

Thickness 5m glass


Length 100mm


About 3kg


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