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Melt flow rate tester HD-R804-1

Melt flow rate tester HD-R804-1

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Brief introduction:

Melt flow rate tester  with industrial PLC programmable controller, LCD operating platform, temperature part is separate temperature unit, LED digital display. Automatic temperature control aircraft from the operating method is divided into manual, time control, automatic three cut material way, to achieve Quality Act (MFR) and the volumetric method (MVR) two kinds of test methods; aircraft to the measured temperature of the test material the melt density, the system also has the temperature calibration.



Melt flow rate tester (also known as melt index meter) was measured under certain conditions thermoplastic melt flow rate of the special equipment. With the determination of melt flow rate MFR, measured melt volume rate MVR, measured melt density ρ, measured melt flow rate ratio FRR and other functions, this machine high precision temperature control, key parts nitriding treatment, high strength and hardness , small deformation accurately measure the flow rate which provides a good condition.



Thermoplastic melt flow rate (melt index) is plastic at a temperature and load, the melt every 10 minutes through a standard capillary die quality or melt volume, with MFR (MI) or the MVR value, which can distinguish thermoplastic adhesive in the molten state flow characteristics. For thermoplastics and chemical fiber raw materials, quality assurance of products and other products of great significance.


According to the standard

This instrument reference standards: ISO 1133, ASTM D1238, JIS-K72A, GB/T3682, JB/T5456, JJG 878


The main technical parameters:

Measuring range :0.1-800 .00g/10min (MFR) 0.1-800.00 cm3/10min (MVR)

Temperature range: room temperature -450 ℃

Temperature accuracy: ±0.2 ℃

Timing accuracy: 0.1S

Displacement accuracy: 0.01mm

Load: full load

Material cutting modes: manual, time control, automatic

Barrel diameter: 9.550mm ± 0.025mm

Barrel Length: 160mm

Die: made of tungsten carbide, length: 8.000mm ± 0.025mm diameter: 2.095mm ± 0.005mm

Power: 0.45KW

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Instrument Size: 400mm × 500mm × 600mm

Instrument Weight: 65Kg


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