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Stroller uneven road tester HD-J210

Stroller uneven road tester HD-J210

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

Stroller uneven road tester


Stroller uneven road testercan be used for toys and baby carrier manufacturer, this machine simulation stroller walk on road conditions adverse road, the wheels do reciprocating after impact, the wheel will deformation or damage, to help manufacturers improve product quality.

according to the standard:

The instrument design is in line with EN1888 clause 17 standards


Stroller uneven road tester

the testing process

Should be placed the table on the transport system and make the handle can be attached to the independent joint arm. Handle attached to the arm joints should not be restricted or control their free to move. If more than two hand, should be the most outside the opponent the arm attached to the joints.

The test load and/or B fixed on the car bench. The test load is placed in A basket, let its 300 mm shaft is located in the geometric center of the bottom of the basket. The seat back to adjust to the upright position. The test load placed in the middle of the two belt fixed point B and pressed against the back. Use your seat belt surrounding the live test load fixed point fixed on the car form the attachment points on the distance and limit its move in any direction within the 50 mm.

In order to ensure the car stay in the middle of the transportation system, the elastic should be attached to surfaces in the table of the front of the front and side and/or testing.

Car frame subject to 5 km/h + / - 0.1 km/h speed through the surface structure of the shown in figure 20, 72000 times.

If a convertible car, then separately on each function is equal to the number of tests, total 72000 times.

If vehicle is equipped with carry extra weight carrying baskets, testing should be according to the vendor manual put a heavy load is brought to the basket, as much as possible but in any case, carrying load should be at least 2 kg in the basket




Technical Specifications

Speed​​: 5km / h ± 0.5km / h

Maximum weight 100KG

Effective width: 1000mm

Test stroller: 1/2

There are double / single head of the points


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