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HD-B617-S Material Tensile Testing Machine

HD-B617-S Material Tensile Testing Machine

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

Material Tensile Testing Machine


HD-B617-S Material Tensile Testing Machine, is professionally specialized in plastic film, composite, soft packaging materials, plastic hose, adhesive, adhesive tape, medical adhesive, medical device, release paper, protective film, composite cover, metal foil, diaphragm, backboard material, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper and other products of tensile, peeling, deformation, tear, bonding, puncture force, opening force, low speed unwinding force, pull force and other performance tests.


Packaging Materials


Plastic Tubes


Backing Materials


Composite Materials


Ten Processes Meet Variegated Requirements:

The machine integrates ten professional and independent test procedures, such as tension, peeling, tearing, heat sealing, constant extension and tension, pressure, puncture retention force, etc., providing users with a variety of test items.

It supports the downward pressure test such as rubber plug puncture and ampule breaking force, and the test speed can be set freely.

Intelligent design such as limit protection, overload protection and automatic return to ensure operational safety.

Excellent testing mechanism accuracy upgrade:

Equipped with force value testing system of global famous brands to provide force value accuracy better than level 0.5, better repeatability and more flexible testing.

Equipped with servo operation system of global famous brand and precision ball screw multiple axis positioning technology to provide displacement accuracy better than 0.5 level, stepless speed regulation, convenient use and more stable operation.

High End Embedded Computer System Platform  Safety And Easy:

Integrated system design, integration of instrument and software.

Support group test data comparison and analysis, with multiple unit conversion function.

The system is embedded with USB interface and network interface to facilitate the external access and data transmission of the system.

Design Standard:

GB/T 16491, GB/T 1040, GB/T 8808, GB/T 13022, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2791, GB/T 2792, GB/T 16825, GB/T 17200, GB/T 3923.1, GB/T 528, GB/T 2611, GB/T 6344, GB/T 20310, GB/T 3690, GB/T 4944, GB/T 3686, GB/T 529, GB/T 6344, GB/T 10654, HG/T 2580, JC/T 777, QB/T 2171, HG/T 2538, CNS 11888, JIS K6854, PSTC-7, ISO 37, AS 1180.2, BS EN 1979, BS EN ISO 1421, BS EN ISO 1798, BS EN ISO 9163, DIN EN ISO 1798, GOST 18299, DIN 53357, ISO 2285, ISO 34-1, ISO 34-2, BS 903, BS 5131, DIN EN 12803, DIN EN 12995, DIN53507-A, DIN53339, ASTM D3574, ASTM D6644, ASTM D5035, ASTM D2061, ASTM D1445, ASTM D2290, ASTM D412, ASTM D3759/D3759M

Principle of Operation:

The sample is installed between the upper and lower clamps, the servo motor and the reducer drive the precision ball screw to rotate through the belt, so that the beam drives the clamp to move up/down, and the specified speed is applied, and the lower clamp is compressed upwards/pulled down to test. When the sample is loaded, the force sensor feels the force load, converts the force into an analog signal, processes it through the acquisition control board, and sends it to the computer for display. As shown.





Load capacity


Load cell brand

Germany brand TECSIS load cell


400w Panasonic servo motor


400w Panasonic servo driver


High precision ball screw

Control way

Panel control , connected to computer

Adjustable speed


Vertical test space

1500mm (including clamp)

Load resolution


Load accuracy


Unit switching



(L*W*H) 550*430*1700mm

Suttle weight

About 75KG


AC 220V


Panel Control

Equipped with force yalue testing software Chinese and English system for users' option


Various types of fixture is available for different materials.

Built-in Printer

After the test is completed, the testing data can be printed directly and quickly


Tension and compression dual-purpose, quickly receipt the force signal. Accurate data

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