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Tensile Testing Machine with 200kg Capacity

Tensile Testing Machine with 200kg Capacity

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

Tensile Testing Machine with 200kg Capacity

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Product Description

This series of Tensile Tester is widely used in wires & cables, hardware, metal, rubber, footwear, leather, apparel, fabric, tape paper products, pharmacy and so on, for tensile strength, tear resistance, peel strength, bend strength, shear force , ect with different fixtures according to national and international standards customer required.

This machine is a kind of electric tensile tester which uses the motor to drive ball screw to move fixture. Place the fixture with sample between the upper and lower fixture, use a given speed to pull sample upward by upper fixture. Load cell above upper fixture will sense tensile strength, and convert the strength into voltage sign and output to the display screen. And the strength value will be displayed automatically.

Main Technical Parameter




Max. Force      

200 kg (2KN)      

Load cell      

Germany brand load cell for high accuracy      

Control system      

PC with windows 7 system      


Panasonic servo motor w/ DC variable speed drive system, high-precision mechanical ball screw rod      

Force reading       

kgf, Ibf, N, KN, T etc      


900mm including fixture      

Load cell Resolution      


Load Precision      


Test speed      

0.1~500mm/min (adjustable by PC)      


TM 2101      

Curves display      

Load- elongation, Elongation-time, Time-elongation, Stress-strain      

Data display      

Max. force, speed, sample information, strength(Kpa, Mpa, N/mm, N/mm2) etc      

Safety features      


Over-load protection      

Upper and lower limit switches      

Load sensor with automatic retreat       

Product Features

  1. Motor system: Panasonic servo motor +Servo driver +High precise ball screw (Taiwan)

  2. Control system: a, computer control with TM2101software;b, Back to origin automatically after the test, c, store data automatically or by manual operation

  3. Data transmission: RS232

  4. Displacement resolution: 0.001mm

  5. Graph scale automatic optimization can make graph to display with best measurement and can implement graphics dynamic switching in the test and has force-elongation, force- time, elongation -time, stress - strain.

  6. It can save results automatically after test finished, and it is manual filing. It can display maximum force, yield strength, compressive strength, tensile strength, elongation, peel interval maximum, minimum and average, etc.

  7. User can set parameters of product materialsuch as length, width, thickness, radius, area and so on.

  8. Many languages random switching: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.

good quality circuit board      

Product Components

 Software and Curves

The TM2101 softwareis designed purposely for computer controlled electronic universal testing machine,  used for tension, compress, bend, shear, tearing andpeel test. With the personal computer and interface plate, it could collect, save, process and print test result. Further it can calculate multiple parameters, i.e. maximum force, yield strength, average peel force maximum deformation, yielding point and elastic modulus; this system is featured in curve process, multi-sensor support, image interface, flexible data process and powerful system function.

  1) Sample curve 1

2)Sample curve 2

The fixture is very important to the test. This is the fixture list and we also can do it according to customer's requirement.    

1) Fixture list

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