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U.S. TMI crease stiffness tester HD-X005

U.S. TMI crease stiffness tester HD-X005

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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U.S. TMI crease stiffness tester Description: American TMI TMI Group produced U.S. crease stiffness tester


 U.S. TMI crease stiffness tester

In high-speed automatic packaging line, they would often unqualified tray (tray irregular shape, bending and bonding is not strong, such as performance), so reducing production efficiency. Above phenomenon is caused by stiffness and cardboard cardboard through the crease after indentation force proportional inappropriate.

Studies that affect the effectiveness of the carton cardboard folded main factor is measured in the same direction of the crease stiffness and stiffness ratio between the paperboard generally, the MD direction of cardboard crease stiffness force ratio is controlled between 1.5 to 3, the CD direction cardboard crease stiffness ratio control force between three to seven, preferably of packaging can the expected productivity.

The crease stiffness tester simulate the conditions for packaging production process, measuring cardboard creases and bending stiffness, calculated according to the measurement results crease stiffness force ratio, which effectively determine the actual packaging process required settings carton packaging machine crease force, and ultimately avoid bending and bonding tray is not strong and so on. Such as: usually taken to deepen the depth of the indentation force methods to reduce creases, while reducing the tray outward tension; Also, select the best indentation width to avoid breakage of the crease and so on. All tested at a certain temperature, humidity, temperature.

Description: Measuring cardboard and enlarging the crease and stiffness.

TMI crease stiffness instrument parameters:

Range - 0-399 gf

Display -3 digits

Ting-degree angle - 15

Crease degree angle - 90 degrees, 15 seconds readout resolution

Precision of 1.0 g

Power-240v 50Hz

Insurance -500 mA

The instrument contains a knife and calibration weights

Instrument size packaging:

Weight 11Kgs 14Kgs

High 235mm 670mm

Length 180mm 550mm

Width 320mm 520mm


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