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QTS Group Volunteers Celebrate Labor Day


International Labor Day (international Workers' Day or May Day) is a national holiday in more than 80 countries in the world. Labor Day originated from the workers' strike in Chicago, USA in 1886 to commemorate this great labor movement.


Recently, QTS Group Volunteer Service Team and Daojiao Volunteer Association organized 50 volunteers to carry out the voluntary activity of ""Green Beauty Dongguan" Ecological and Environmental Protection Tour: Garbage Picking up, Civilization I Go First" on Daojiao Yanjiang Road. In the early morning, the volunteers gathered at the Daojiao Nancheng Village Square, and quickly integrated the volunteers into the team by means of an ice-breaking game.

The long line spread out, and the red and green figures were like clusters of jumping flames. The volunteers became the most beautiful scenery beside the river. At the same time, through publicity, promote the concept of "zero waste city" to the surrounding villagers, advocate green travel, use recyclable items, reduce the use of disposable items, do a good job in sorting garbage, guide the masses to advocate green life, and raise environmental awareness.


After the event, the volunteers expressed that they must be propagandists, practitioners, and defenders of ecological and environmental protection in their daily lives, and they interpreted the responsibility and responsibility of protecting the environment with their actions. 


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