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SATA Soild State Disk Intelligent Testing system

SATA Soild State Disk Intelligent Testing system

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

SATA Soild State Disk Intelligent Testing system

Main Features:

  • Support for the testing of SATA products;

  • Support for customization of the number of test pieces produced for SATA, e.g. 96 pieces, 124 pieces, 196 pieces, 256 pieces, etc;

  • Support for the development of micro and small customizations, e.g. 6, 12, 18, etc;

  • Support (-70 degrees to +180 degrees) testing;

  • Support for abnormal power failure tests and aging tests;

  • Support for automated temperature control testing;

  • Support for intelligent control of all tests using software;

  • Support for the customisation of test software;

  • Support for air speed and temperature equalization in the chamber;

  • Support for rapid temperature rise and fall control;

  • Support for customized development of SATA aging;

  • Support for networked control, allowing off-site control of the test and viewing of test results;

  • Support for APP remote control testing;

Main Components Of The Machine:

  • The complete test system consists of a high and low temperature chamber, TEST PC motherboard, BASEBOARD and PM boards, ESD test fixtures, transmission data CABLE cables, ESD front and rear insulated fibre panels, touch screen operating platform mainframe, customised sealing plugs, ESD front PC motherboard stand, special test power supply, FPGA boards, etc.

  • Description of the SSD SATA Intelligent Hardware and Software Integrated Test System:

  • The PCIe SSD intelligent test system is based on the Win10 operating system platform. Through the open scripting mode, the temperature of the high and low-temperature chamber and the test items of the PCIE product can be modified at will, and the data can be transferred through the LINUX system and the road oiler to achieve one-click operation, network control, saving labor, intelligent data management and permanent retention of test results.

  • It is designed for the reliability and long-term stability of SSDPCIE, including hardware, software, and mechanism design, the goal is to make the test as automated as possible, the test configuration items more flexible, the available test channels more, and save space.

 System Features

  • The PCBA and fixtures are housed in a custom chamber with several to dozens of PC boards (depending on the size of the chamber, small chambers for SSD verification and large chambers for SSD production). This saves space and increases the number of boards to be tested (multiple sets can easily be set up).

  • One PC motherboard can be connected and tested with 6 SATA SSDs at the same time, supporting SATA2.0 and SATA3.0 type SSDs.

  • Customizable Linux and Windows test software, test content can be configured by one or more script files. Supports various power failure tests, Burn-In-Test, power consumption check tests, etc.

  • A Windows PC can be connected to several test system PCs via Ether-net, and script editing on the Windows side can be used to automatically control the temperature of the Chamber and perform multiple test items.

  • Support for SSD power consumption measurement and checking.

  • Supports UART Log function to collect all the messages sent by each SSD under test through its UART Port (SSD designs must support the connection of UART signals to specific pin gold fingers).

  • Custom Linux test software connects to the board via the USB interface.

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