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The Importance of Furniture Testing

The Importance of Furniture Testing


For the furniture industry, furniture testing plays an important and irreplaceable role in ensuring the quality of furniture products. Its influence on furniture enterprises is mainly reflected in strengthening the effectiveness of enterprise quality management, reducing the cost of enterprises, and enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises. The furniture testing system is perfected according to its influence on enterprises and the needs of enterprises and consumers, to ensure the scientificity, impartiality and authority of inspection and testing, and to consolidate the importance of furniture testing in furniture enterprises.


At present, the testing of furniture products by furniture testing institutions mainly focuses on four aspects: appearance testing, furniture mechanical performance testing, furniture physical and chemical performance testing and environmental performance testing.

(1) Appearance inspection: Visual inspection and on-site inspection are both performed by visual inspection and ruler measurement. The main ones are functional size, finishing, coating and so on. The functional size must meet the requirements for use, and ensure that it is within the allowable tolerance range. If the functional size does not meet the requirements, the product is a substandard product, which reduces the performance.

(2) Testing of mechanical properties of furniture: The testing of mechanical properties is a test that simulates the strength or bearing capacity of furniture under one-time or repetitive load conditions in normal and habitual use. According to the normal use frequency of the product under the predetermined use conditions, the possible misuse strength, according to the size of the loading force and the number of loading times, the strength and durability are divided into five test levels, that is, the frequency of use is used to determine the test. level, the product is subjected to static load, durability and impact tests.

(3) Testing of physical and chemical properties of furniture: seven indicators are mainly tested, that is, the paint film is resistant to dry heat and moist heat, and wear resistance, adhesion, gloss value, paint film thickness and paint film resistance to cold and heat temperature difference. Among them, the adhesion of the paint film, the wear resistance and the resistance to the temperature difference between cold and heat are particularly important, which determine the service life of the paint film on the surface of wooden furniture.

(4) Environmental protection performance testing: mainly to test free formaldehyde and soluble heavy metals in wooden furniture. The national standard specifies three methods for the determination of formaldehyde content or release: perforated extraction method, dryer method, climate chamber method (environmental test chamber method); to detect soluble heavy metal elements, scrape an appropriate amount of coating on the surface of furniture products, According to national standards, the content of soluble metals in paints and varnishes was determined by atomic absorption spectrometry.


At present, in addition to the appearance inspection, the other three aspects can be used to test the products submitted for inspection through the selection of scientific testing methods and sophisticated equipment, and obtain accurate quality inspection results, which are fed back to the research and development of enterprises, Production and Quality Department. In this way, the enterprise separates substandard products according to the test results, analyzes the quality problems, and proposes corrective measures. Through this process of inspection, feedback and correction, the improvement of the product quality of the enterprise is promoted. Previously, Haida International Equipment has provided complete testing solutions for 10,000 furniture manufacturers around the world, including chair test series ( BIFMA X5.1, EN1728, EN581, EN1335, EN1022 and other standards design), foam test series ( ASTM D3574, ISO and other standard design), mattress test series (ASTM F1566 and EN 1957 and other standard design), sofa test series (EN4875 and EN1728 and other standard design), VOC & formaldehyde test chamber (EN717 and other standard design). All in all, what I want to say is how important furniture testing is, and with the development of technology, we have corresponding good measures to conduct testing, and strive to promote a better life for people all over the world.

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