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About US Packaging and Transportation Test Compliance Fines


The US package transportation test compliance fines implementation date is delayed until September 3, and the final timing of the test is tight!


According to official sources from Amazon:

To ensure that all items sold at Amazon US are guaranteed ASINAmazon Standard Identification Number- Commodity code generated by Amazon systemThe submitted packaging transportation test certification complies with the FFP or SIOC regulations, and the Amazon side decides to delay the execution of the fine date until September 3, 2019.That means that if the products you sell in the Amazon channel are not certified for Amazon ISTA, there is a nearly one-month sprint time to get a compliance report to avoid fines.



The official execution time of the Amazon EU fine is still October 1, 2019.



About Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP)

In addition to exempt products, merchandise packages larger than 18*14*8 inches or weighing more than 20 pounds are required to be sold on the Amazon platform. The Frustration-Free Packaging Program is required by August 1, 2019. Test of Tier 1 ‒ FFP or Tier 2 ‒ SIOC and obtain compliance report.


About Ista transport test standard

   ISTA Series Test Equipment

 ISTA Testing Equipment Manual

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