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What Can Mattress Rolling Tester Do

What Can Mattress Rolling Tester Do


What Can Mattress Rolling Tester Do

Normally, everyone needs to spend almost one-third of their time in bed every day. The mattress is undoubtedly the furniture that will accompany you for the longest time. Then what can mattress rolling tester do?


But the strange thing is that so far, among the four major mattress categories, there is only one national standard for palm mattresses. There is only one light industry standard for spring mattresses with the longest history. As for latex and foam mattresses, there is currently no unified standard. Because of the lack of standards, lies prevail in the mattress market, and everyone is at a loss when choosing mattresses.


Today, I will take you to expose the most prevalent lie in the mattress industry: a harder mattress is more conducive to health, especially for special groups such as the elderly and children.


In fact, for anyone, whether it is a harder or softer mattress is not good for your health, and a mattress with moderate hardness is suitable for all people.


When a person sleeps, it is also a process of body relaxation. Due to the existence of the human body curve, it is impossible for the whole body to be on the same plane regardless of whether it is lying on the back or sleeping on the side. Therefore, a mattress with moderate hardness is required to form an effective support for the human body according to the curve of the human body.


If the mattress is too hard, it will not be able to effectively support the entire body, causing only a few protruding parts of the body to be stressed. Firstly, it is very uncomfortable and cannot effectively relieve fatigue; secondly, it will cause spinal deformation; thirdly, the stressed part is too heavily compressed, which is not conducive to blood circulation.


If the mattress is too soft, the human body will sink deeply into the mattress, causing the mattress to squeeze the human body, which is not conducive to heat dissipation. In addition, due to the unbalanced weight distribution of the human body, the waist and abdomen have the largest weight, which will cause the waist and abdomen to sink downwards. On the one hand, it will also cause deformation of the spine, on the other hand, it will squeeze the internal organs. Especially for the elderly with relatively loose bones and children who are growing their bodies, the deformation and compression of the spine is even more unfavorable to health.


For consumers, when buying a mattress, they must try to lie on the mattress for more than 10 minutes, so that you can basically judge whether the hardness of the mattress is suitable for you. You can try the two sleeping positions, lying on your back and sideways. Use your hands to test the rest of the curved parts of the back of the neck, waist, and knees. If there is no more space, but the hand can reach in relatively easily, it means that the softness is moderate. If there is no extra space and it takes more effort to reach in, it means soft; if there is extra space, it means hard.


For manufacturers, how can they gain the trust of customers, and how can they show that they are soft and hard? Undoubtedly data can tell everything, so how can we get a set of reliable mattress performance data? There are a lot of data to be measured for mattresses, such as softness, abrasion resistance, rebound rate and so on. The editor recommends an instrument that can test mattress performance in one step.


HD-F764 Mattress Rolling Tester 3 in 1 is a mattress testing equipment designed to simulate the constant rolling of human sleep. The rolling durability uses a rolling loading module to be placed on the horizontally placed mattress loading position. Rolling at a certain frequency and reciprocating loading of the mattress to test the mattress's ability to withstand long-term repetitive rolling loads. The surface softness test is to test the softness and hardness of the mattress to meet the requirements of various mattress manufacturers and standards.


Only when a person is on a mattress with moderate hardness can he achieve the effect of body relaxation and make the whole body on the same plane. For mattresses, the furniture that has been with us for the longest time, the requirements for mattresses must be rigorous and then rigorous.

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