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What kind of tensile testing machine do you want to buy


Talking about the reference for purchasing the tensile tester

There are many purchasing departments of enterprises that may not know how to choose when buying a tensile tester, and how much capacity to choose? Single column or double column? Touch screen control or computer control? In fact, how to buy a tensile machine should start from many aspects:

1. The tension range (maximum tensile strength) of the test material should be considered.

The difference in the tension range of the test material will determine the size of the sensor and the structure of the tensile tester, but this has little impact on the price (except for the two-column type). For general flexible packaging manufacturers, a maximum pulling force of 200 Newtons is sufficient. Therefore, a single column type should be used. Ordinary, single-column type is used for pulling force below 5KN, and double-column type should be used for maximum force exceeding 5KN. (If you don't know, you can contact customer service)

2.Select the appropriate maximum stroke according to the test needs
The maximum stroke is usually called the distance between the upper and lower clamps (test stroke) + upper clamp height + lower clamp height + sensor height. Because different fixtures are selected for different test materials, the fixture can be selected to know the specific test stroke. Different deformations of the material require different test strokes. If the material is deformed by 600mm, the test stroke of 750mm-800mm should be considered. Because different materials are tested, different test standards should be used. Different test standards require different gauge distances.
Taking the performance and requirements of the flexible packaging film to be tested as an example, the stroke can be 600-800mm. If the elongation of the material exceeds 1000%, the stroke can be 1000 or 1200mm.

3. Control method: LCD touch screen control and computer control method

The LCD touch screen means using a touch screen (microcomputer) to control the machine. The price is more affordable, but the functions and output effects are not as good as the computer control. Generally, we use the LCD display model to obtain some basic parameters, such as tensile strength and maximum force. Average value, minimum value. This result can be output by thermal printer. The computer type uses a computer to control the machine. It has strong analysis functions and can usually get all the results the customer wants, such as maximum force value, elongation, tensile strength, constant force elongation, constant elongation force value, Yield strength, elastic modulus, maximum test force, yield point, modulus ... .. All results and test curves can be output as word, excel, users can easily edit, LCD display model can also display test curves However, the computerized model can collect more data. In this state, if you want to accurately test the curve, you should choose a computerized model.

4. Fixture selection

In general, the tension machine can be used for multiple purposes by changing different fixtures, and can specifically achieve different test functions such as tensile, compression, bending, tearing, shearing, 180-degree peeling, and 90-degree peeling.

5.Test speed

Generally speaking, some of the equipment on the market are 10 ~ 500 mm / min, and some are 0.1 ~ 500 mm / min. The former generally uses a common speed control system, which has a low cost and rough affects the accuracy; the latter uses a servo system, which is expensive High precision. For flexible packaging enterprises, it is enough to choose a servo system with a speed range of 1 ~ 500mm / min. This will not affect the accuracy and the price is within a reasonable range.

6.Measurement accuracy

Accuracy issues include force measurement accuracy, speed accuracy, deformation accuracy, and displacement accuracy. These accuracy values can be as high as plus or minus 0.5. But for general manufacturers, 1% accuracy is sufficient. In addition, the force value resolution can almost reach 1 / 100,000.

7. Main configuration of product machinery

Drive, screw drive and rack drive, the former is expensive, used for high precision, high test repeatability; the latter is cheap, used for low precision, low test repeatability.

The lead screw plays a decisive role in the measurement of the tensile force. Generally there are ball screws, trapezoidal screws, and general screws. Among them, the ball screw has the highest accuracy, but its performance can only be exerted by the operation of a computer servo system, and the entire set is more expensive.

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