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What should I do if my boots slip?

What should I do if my boots slip?


What should I do if my boots slip?

To solve the problem of slippery soles, we have to first talk about two reasons for slippery soles. First, in our daily life, you will find that if a pair of shoes is worn for a long time, the soles will become very slippery due to its abrasion. Second, the shoes we buy are not non-slip at all, so of course you will encounter such a problem. In fact, it is very simple to deal with this problem, so let's briefly introduce four simple ways for you.

The first method is to pad the sole with abrasive paper. We increase the friction capacity between the ground and the sole to achieve the anti-slip effect.

The second is to use potatoes to rub the soles. Since raw potatoes are rich in starch, they can be used to rub the soles to achieve the same effect we want.

The third method is the adhesive tape, the principle is similar to the first method, especially in rainy days, the adhesive tape is stuck on the shoe sole, which has a good anti-slip effect.

The last one is using the knife to cut the sole. I think everyone can understand the principle at a glance, but in my personal opinion, I dont advocate this approach. It hurts the shoes too much, unless your technique is particularly good.

In summary, I suggest you use the first method and the third method. The first method is simple, and the third method is particularly effective in rainy days. The second method make the shoe dirty with potatoes, and the fourth method damages the shoes too much. At the same time, wear suitable shoes according to different weather, and pay attention to the anti-slip effect of shoes when buying shoes.

For manufacturer/ research department, how they can design and produce a pair of shoe with strong ant-slip function to our buyers?

Let us introduce the HD-P936 Footwear Slip Resistance Tester

The slip resistance tester is used to measure the coefficient of friction(CoF) of footwear and the slip resistance performance of outsole, forepart and heel can be evaluated accordingly.

The principle: The item of footwear to be tested is put on a surface, subjected to a given normal force, and moved horizontally relative to the surface( or the surface is moved horizontally relative to the item of footwear). Both the frictional force and normal force are measured and the dynamic CoF is calculated


1. Smart hardware control system with closed-loop control system capability.

2. The slipping device is driven by a high power servo motor, that can speed up to a specified value in a short time.

3. A variety of safety protection designs and warning signs, an emergency stop button is installed on the conspicuous place of the panel to ensure the safety of the operator's life.

4. The software can read test data curves, compare results, switch units, etc.

Standard: ISO 13287, GB/T 28287, ASTM F2913, SATRA TM 144, ISO 24267 ISO 20344 5.11

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