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You know how to pick a soft hard moderate mattress?

You know how to pick a soft hard moderate mattress?


Recently, a post about the purchase of mattresses went viral on the Internet and in the circle of friends. The author, standing in the perspective of professionals in the customer industry, describes the practical purchase skills of mattresses for the first time, causing many users to like and forward the blog.

Buying a suitable mattress is really a very tiring thing to let a person, brand many kinds many. In fact, the popular one is the spring mattress, so I'm going to focus on the firmness testing of spring mattress.

The spring mattress is made with the spring as the support filler layer, coupled with the filling layer and the fabric, as shown below:

Thirty years ago, there was a debate in Germany about whether hard or soft mattresses were better, which led to the German Bachelor of Ergonomics and the study of human sleep posture.

The result of the study is: no matter hard mattress or too soft mattress is bad for human health sleep,the correct mattress should be high elastic mattress. That is to say, when the force exerted on the mattress is large, the mattress should fall much more and produce more supporting force on the human body, and vice versa.That's because the human body is a curved line,only on the mattress with high elasticity can the body and back be supported,especially the waist should have strong support, so that the human body each part relaxed and get sufficient rest.

Because the human spine is shallow S shape, when lying down, there needs to be a support of appropriate hardness, so a flexible mattress is crucial to the comfort level of the human body and the quality of sleep.

Choose mattress cannot rely on ego to feel simply,too soft or too hard is not appropriate, but according to the difference between height and weight.Lighter people sleep on a softer bed, allowing their shoulders and hips to sink slightly into the mattress and their waists to be fully supported. And the person with heavy weight suits to sleep stiffer mattress, the strength of spring can give each part of the body properly,especially if the neck and waist are well supported.You can refer to the height, weight and mattress soft and hard chart, it will be more scientific.

How to analysis soft hard moderate of mattress?

Manual: The most simple measurement method is: lie on your back, hand to the neck, waist and buttocks down to the thigh of the three obvious bending places in the flat, see if there is a gap; Then turn over to the side and try to see if there is a gap between the concave part of the body curve and the mattress in the same way. If there is no gap, it is proved that the mattress closely matches the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, hips and legs during sleep. This mattress can be said to be soft and hard.

Mechanized: Use a spherical protruding at the bottom of the circular rigid plate loading, record force and deflection to analysis, and then assess the mattress hardness values and hardness levels,reference test standard:ASTM F1566 ; BS EN 1957

Above 2 methods for your reference~Thanks for reading!

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