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Common plastic products performance testing equipment

Common plastic products performance testing equipment


Common plastic or rubber products performance testing equipment

From the different chemical composition and structure, plastic and rubber materials such as performance is very different, and therefore there are other materials can not replace the application areas, their performance characterization and testing also has its own many characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic composition of plastic and structure-based understanding of the performance of plastic characterization and testing.


"Characterization", often used to evaluate the molecular or structural characteristics of plastics, characterization means such as: GPC, X-ray diffraction, NMR, mass spectrometry, UV, IR, DSC, TGA and so on.


"Test" is used for plastic load on the external, environmental and other effects caused by the corresponding behavior evaluation. "Testing" is not limited to the testing of plastic resin properties, but also often test the performance of resin products made of plastic parts to ensure the appropriate performance of the final product performance requirements.


Commonly used plastic performance testing equipment includes the following categories:

Instrument classification Specific instruments

Testing machine: Material testing machine; Fatigue testing machine; Impact testing machine; Hardness tester; Abrasion testing machine; Thermal deformation testing machine; Melt flow rate Melt volume flow rate tester.

Thermal analysis: thermal expansion TMA; differential scanning calorimetry DSC; thermogravimetric analyzer TGA; dynamic thermomechanical analyzer.

Rheometer categories: torque rheometer; capillary rheometer; rotary rheometer.

Other: combustion measuring instrument; haze meter; density meter; aging test chamber; resistivity tester.

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