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Sand Dust Test Chamber ​Fault Handling

Sand Dust Test Chamber ​Fault Handling


Sand Dust Test Chamber Fault Handling

The Sand dust test chamber is used to detect the sealing performance of the product, mainly according to the test mode of ip5x and ip6x two grades, simulating the dust environment of the product in the process of production, transportation and storage, so as to test the protective performance of the shell. Today, dust test equipment on the role of quality control has been more and more attention, especially some parts manufacturers to the big car depot supporting related products, must meet the relevant standard test requirements, at the product design stage in accordance with a variety of relevant standards to do a good job, and through the dust test equipment and other related tests found that problems immediately resolved, enterprises can create an ideal product for customers.


Sand Dust Test chamber in the process of doing experiments, may be due to power outages, operation errors and other causes of sand dust test box operation failure, how to deal with test failure without affecting the reliability and authenticity of test results.

The method of failure treatment in sand dust test box

2. do not blow dust: Check whether the blower is working properly or the blower is too small to check whether the dust is dry.

3. do not vibrate: check vibration motor is normal.

4. Sand Dust test box should be manned management operations, and regular cleaning of the box and blower, regular professional maintenance should be maintained.

5. in order to play a stable function of the test box, the performance should be selected perennial temperature of 15-25 degrees, the relative humidity is less than 85% of the space.

6. The distance between adjacent walls or utensils. The ambient temperature in the installation place should not change drastically. Five, should be installed in the place of direct sunlight, should be installed in a well-ventilated place, away from combustible materials, explosives and high-temperature sources of heat, equipment should be installed in less dust places, as far as possible to install in the place near the power supply.

7. Equipment NO electricity: Check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the phase sequence is normal, whether there are 0 lines.


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