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Anti-yellowing Aging Chamber Normal Questions and Solutions

Anti-yellowing Aging Chamber Normal Questions and Solutions


Anti-yellowing aging chamber is applicable for the sunlight resistant test of nonmetallic materials and aging test of artificial light sources. A variety of industrial products can make the reliability test, and this product can simulate the product in the sun, rain, humidity and dew conditions, including damage caused by bleaching, color, brightness down, powder, crack, blur, brittle, intensity decreased and oxidation.

Aging: It can promote the increase of sulfur rubber deterioration, to calculate the change rate of tensile and elongation before and after heat. Its generally thought that test for one day at 70C, in theory as exposed to the atmosphere for 6 months.

Anti-yellowing: this machine stimulates the atmosphere environment, driven by the sun ultraviolet radiation. It generally thought that the appearance change at 50C for 9 hours, in theory as exposed to atmosphere for 6 months.
So, in order to make customers operate the machine smoothly, many problems and solutions that may be encountered during the process and solutions are pointed out as following.
1, Light does not work