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Automatic Hydraulic Bursting Tester

Automatic Hydraulic Bursting Tester

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T


Textile fabrics having no particular directions cannot be tested its strength via tensile testers;

a multi-directional force generated by hydrostatic pressure is applied on fabric to check the strength of that

fabric, this phenomenon is called bursting strength testing. Automatic Hydraulic Diaphram Bursting Tester is specially designed to perform the bursting strength testing of kitted fabrics, with pneumatic control.

It can also be used for leather, paper & card Boards etc.


                                                                     Test Kit 50cm²                                                         Test Kit 7.55cm²


To determine the bursting strength and distension at burst of woven and knitted fabrics as well as technical textiles,non-wovens,bonded fabrics,plastics,leather (artificial and natural) and cardboard.

Testing standard

ASTM D 3786 Standard Test Method for Hydraulic Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics

Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method

BS 4768 Determination of Bursting Strength and Bursting Distension

ISO 13938-1 Textiles - Bursting properties of fabrics, Hydraulic method for determination of bursting strength and bursting distension

ISO 2758 Paper - Determination of bursting strength

ISO 2759 Board - Determination of bursting strength

ISO 3303 Rubber - or plastics-coated fabrics - Determination of bursting strength - Hydraulic method

WSP 030.1.R3(12),BS 3424(PT6),ERT 80-4-20,EN 12332-2,IWS TM 29,ASTM D751,JIS L-1018

Test procedure

The Burst Tester is designed for measuring the bursting strength of fabric materials subjected to an increasing hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is applied to a circular region of the specimen via an elastic diaphragm. The specimen is firmly held round the edge of this circular region by a pneumatic clamping device. When the pressure is applied, the specimen deforms together with the diaphragm. The bursting strength corresponds to the maximum pressure supported by the specimen before failure. Identical, in the principle to the multi-directional tensile test, Ball Burst Method for Fabrics, this measurement is independent from the cutting direction of the sample (machine or cross) since the failure naturally occurs in the least resistance direction.


Technical details

Areas of Application

Textiles:Knitted and woven apparel, Technical textiles

Nonwovens:Wet wipes, surgical gowns/masks

Plastics:Food packaging, bin liners, sacks and various plastic products

Medical:Organ patches, hernia patches, wound dressings, animal skin

Paper:Kitchen paper, Toilet tissue, Other paper products

Pressure measurement range

2000kPa, L/C : 1kPa

Distension measurement range

Up to 75 ± 0.02 mm

Measuring areas

7.55cm² (Ø 31mm) and 50cm² (Ø 79.8mm)

Unit of measurement

kPa - kgf/cm² - mmHg - lb/in² - atm

Test methods

Constant Rate - Constant Pressure - Constant Distension –Timing

Hydraulic system rate of flow (adjustable)


Hydraulic oil

Glycerine 85%, distilled water 15%

Safety sensor

Over scale auto-stop

Diaphragm rubber thick

≤ 2 mm

Data port

RS232 port for printer connection and 3 pin Mini-DIN connector for PC


550 x 450 x 700 mm

Power supply


Air requirements





Accessories supplied with the instrument

1.Main Unit:01 No.

2.Test Kit 7.55cm² (Ø 31mm) and 50cm² (Ø 79.8mm):01 No.(each)

3.Synthetic Rubber Diaphragms(Maufacturer:James Heal):02 Nos.

4.Diaphragm Unit Tightening wrench:01 No.

5.Air Pipe (To connect with compressor):01 No.

6.Glycerol (500mL):01 No.

7.USB software:01 No.

8.Power Cord:01 No.

9.This User’s Manual:01 No.

10. Inspection & Conformance Certificate:01 No.          


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