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Investigation report on quality test of stroller

Investigation report on quality test of stroller


Investigation report on quality test of stroller


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Most baby stroller in the market are in danger of structural insecurity. Some stroller are in danger of easy turnover of seats and uncomfortable seats. Only 3 brand stroller is well received.

Recently, the German Commodity Inspection Foundation (published a 12-brand baby Stroller evaluation report involving different prices of high, medium and low three gears, suitable for children from newborn to three-year-olds with interchangeable baby basket and child seats.

The evaluation methods are adopted in European standards, from the structural design, operability, stability and security, and other four aspects of the assessment, while detecting infants can be exposed to such as baby handrails, shelter and other parts of the harmful components.


The results were disappointing: all the stroller detected harmful ingredients (including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates, and others), and 4 brands detected naphthalene; only 3 of the brand stroller was well received in the recommended purchase.


UK brand is the biggest comfort


For infants, the test has been tested from the available space of baby basket, seat comfort, seat belt system, damping system, awning and awning.The test results found that the design of 3 brand stroller,is more reasonable and allows the baby to maintain maximum comfort.

In addition, in order to more realistically simulate the problems encountered by parents in the process of using stroller, the tests also evaluated the installation of stroller, the closing and opening of the frame, the adjustment of the tilt of the backrest, and the conversion of the seat direction, as well as the flexibility and braking performance of the 3 different road surfaces (wood floors, stone pavements and staircases).

The test results show that the use of Pro Stroller is described and installed with the clearest and most convenient. cart is not only flexible to collect and open the frame, adjust the backrest and seats, but also with the Design Condor 4,, in the cart handle and brake performance outstanding performance.


On different road, 12 brand stroller has been praised above.


Comprehensive stability, safety and harmful ingredients, and other indicators, the test recommendations are: suitable for children design and easy to operate stroller is the British brand , it is very comfortable for infants born to three years old, but the price is slightly higher, 995 euro.


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