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How to calibrate the tensile testing machine

How to calibrate the tensile testing machine


How to calibrate the tensile testing machine


Tensile testing machine is currently on the market the most commonly used mechanical testing equipment, but also many product quality testing an important part. Many enterprises in the use of tensile testing machine process, often found the results of the deviation, but the operator will not calibrate the universal testing machine.Therefore, in accordance with customer feedback, Haida equipment senior engineer for the user to provide the calibrate tensile testing machine calibration method , Hope to solve everyone's problems;


tensile test machine calibration

Tensile testing machine is calibrated before tensile testing machine will do the work, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement. Tensile testing machine calibration is divided into the following two:


1, the tensile strength of the test machine calibration

tensile test machine into the computer program to open the calibration interface, press the test button to start, take a standard weight weight hanging on the fixture connection, record the computer to display the power value, and calculate the weight difference with the standard weight, the error should not More than ± 1%.


2, the tensile testing machine speed calibrate

(1) First record the initial position of the machine crossbar, select the speed value on the control panel (using the standard straight steel ruler crossbar trip).


(2) At the same time as the device starts, the electronic stopwatch starts counting and the stopwatch reaches the time while pressing the machine stop key. According to the time of the stopwatch, the crossbar stroke value is recorded as the rate per minute (mm / min) The difference between the stroke value and the straight bar, and calculate the crossbar trip. The error value should not exceed ± 1%.

On the calibration of the test machines. Usually the manufacturer will do the universal test machine calibration before shipment. But after a period of use, the device may appear to detect the wrong phenomenon. It is best to retrieve the equipment manufacturer's calibration equipment.

If you want to know more about the calibration of the tensile test machines,please contact us : manager@qc-test.com

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