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Climatic HAST High Pressure Accelerated Aging Tester For Semiconductor Chip

Climatic HAST High Pressure Accelerated Aging Tester For Semiconductor Chip

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

High Pressure Accelerated Aging Tester


1. The double-circuit structure of imported high-temperature resistant solenoid valves is adopted, which reduces the failure rate to the greatest extent.

2. Independent steam generating room, to avoid direct impact of steam on the product, so as not to cause local damage to the product.

3. The labor-saving structure of the door lock solves the disadvantages of the first generation of disc-type handles, which are difficult to lock.

4. Exhaust cold air before the test; the design of exhaust cold air during the test (the air in the test tank is discharged) improves pressure stability and repeatability.

5. Ultra-long-term experimental operation time, long-term experimental machine operation for 400 hours. 

6. Water level Protection, through the detection and protection of the water level sensor in the test room. 

7. Pressure-resistant design, the box can withstand a pressure (150°C) of 2.65kg, which meets the water pressure test of 6kg. 

8. Two-stage pressure safety protection device, using a two-stage combined control Device and mechanical pressure protection device. 

9. Safety protection pressure relief button, emergency safety device two-stage automatic pressure relief button. 

10. Bias test terminal withstand voltage up to 3000V (optional)

11. USB export history data curve

1. Parameter

1.1 Set temperature: +100 ~ +132 (steam temperature)

1.2 Humidity range: 60 ~ 100 % vapor humidity

1.3 Humidity control stability: ±3%RH

1.3 Operating pressure: 1.2~2.89kg (including 1atm)

1.4 Time range: 0 Hr 999 Hr

1.5 Pressurization time: 0.00 Kg 1.04 Kg/cm about 45 minutes

1.6 Temperature fluctuation uniformity: ±0.5

1.7 Temperature display accuracy: 0.1°C

1.8 Uniformity of pressure fluctuation: ±0.1Kg

1.9 Humidity distribution uniformity: 3%RH

2. Material of the test chamber

2.1 Test chamber size: HD-YC40 (400 mm x L500 mm) circular test chamber

2.2 Overall dimensions: 900x 850 x 1800 mm ( W * D * H ) vertical

2.3 Material of inner barrel: stainless steel plate material (SUS# 316 3 mm)

2.4 Material of the outer barrel: stainless steel plate material or plastic spraying

2.5 Thermal insulation material: rock wool and rigid polyurethane foam insulation

2.6 Steam chamber heating tube: titanium tube heating, never rust.

2.7 Control system:

a. Use Taiwan-made Delta color touch PLC to control humidity and steam temperature (use PT-100 platinum temperature sensor).


b. Using a pointer to display the pressure gauge.

c. Microcomputer P.I.D automatically calculates and controls saturated steam temperature and steam humidity.

d. Manual water inlet valve (automatic water replenishment function, continuous test without stopping the machine).

E. Test data record U disk export, curve query.

2.8 Mechanical structure:

a. Round inner box, stainless steel round test inner box structure, in line with industrial safety pressure vessel standards, can prevent condensation and drip during the test


b. Circular lining, stainless steel circular lining design, can avoid the direct impact of steam latent heat on the test object.

c. Precise design, good air tightness, less water consumption, and can run continuously for 400Hrs each time adding water.

d. The patented appearance design makes the door and the box more closely combined, which is completely different from the traditional extrusion type, and can prolong the service life.

e. Automatic safety protection of critical point limit mode,  abnormal, cause, and fault indicator light display.

2.9 Security Protection:

a. Imported high temperature resistant sealed solenoid valve adopts double circuit structure to ensure no pressure leakage.

b. The whole machine is equipped with overpressure protection, over-temperature protection, one-button pressure relief, and multiple safety protection devices for manual pressure relief.

Guarantee the use and safety of users.

c. Anti-pressure door lock device, when is pressure inside the test chamber, the test box door cannot be open.

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