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Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Normal Questions – Humidity Test

Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Normal Questions – Humidity Test


Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Normal Questions – Humidity Test

When using constant temperature and humidity tester, clients sometimes encounter the problems that the setting humidity cannot meet the requirement. Now we will talk about the reasons and solution.

First of all, let's understand the working principle about the machine. The water pump send the water from tank to humidification tube, humidification tube sent the water to the test box after heating by the wind circulation. The final sensing humidity sensor is displayed on the control panel in digital form. So, we may know the reason according the control Operating principle

1.The pipe blockage
Most customers think any water can be added, actually not. As a sophisticated environmental testing instruments, only pure water/filter can be added to the water tank, common water itself exists impurities and after heating will produce scale, it is easy to jam the pipe after long time use, and water fog cannot be sent to the test box.

2. The water pump stop operating 
If the pump stop running, the water cannot be sent to the humidification heating tube. Normally the circuit have problem, check the pump line.

3. Humidifying tube does not work.
There are two reasons for this situation, firstly, humidifying tube damage, long time use or water lacking make the heating pipe burn out. Secondly, circuit fault, maintenance lines.

4. Sensor damage/sensor data error
For the former, need to replace the sensor, usually caused by aging; The latter, need to recalibrate measuring instrument.

5. The controller failure
Controller failure usually gibberish, this kind of situation need to install the program controller again.

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