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Test method of packing box drop test machine

Test method of packing box drop test machine


Test method of packing box drop test machine (single drop test machine)

Drop test for packaging - transport packages

The use of the standard equivalent to international standards ISO2248-1985 (packaging complete, filled transport packages vertical blanking drop test)

1, the scope and content of the theme
This standard specifies the content of vertical impact test for main performance test equipment requirements, test procedures and test reports for transport packages
This standard is applicable to the evaluation of the protection ability of transport package under vertical impact when the impact strength and packaging on contents. It can be used as a single test, but also can be used as part of a series of tests.

2, reference standards
Mark GB/T4857.1 packaging transport packages of various parts of the
GB/T4857.2 packaging transport package temperature and humidity conditioning
The general principle of GB/T4857.17 packaging - transport packages for performance testing program
The quantitative data of GB/T4857.1 packaging - transport packages for performance testing program

3, test principle
Filed test sample to a predetermined height, and then to a predetermined state of free fall, collision and impact.

4, test equipment
The 4.1 shock machine
Impact table for the horizontal plane, the test does not move, not deformation, and meet the following requirements
A, as the entire object, quality is at least 50 times test sample quality
B, a large enough area, in order to ensure the test sample falls completely in the impact on the table
C, the impact on any two level height should not exceed 2mm
D, the impact of surface static load any 100mm2 area under 10kg, the deformation amount shall not exceed 0.1mm
4.2 lifting device
In ascension or drop in the process, should not damage the test sample
4.3 supporting device
Device support test samples should be able to make the test sample in a predetermined state institute for hair prior to release
4.4 release mechanism
In the release of the test sample in the dropping process, should make the test sample without any part of touch device, ensure the free fall

5, a drop test procedure test machine
Filed test samples to the drop height of the required position, and according to a predetermined state to support. The vertical height and predetermined difference should not exceed a predetermined height + 2%. The drop height is ready for a test sample is the lowest and the release of the distance between the shock.

According to the predetermined state, releasing test sample.

When the angle between the plane dropping, falling plane and the horizontal test sample surface maximum not exceeding 2 °
Edge drop, error of the edge and level drop surface between angle of maximum not exceeding 2 ° test sample terms and shock table angle not greater than ± 5 ° angle or 10% (with larger values for quasi), the test sample of the gravity line by dip angle.

No matter what the state and the shape of the test sample, should make the test sample of the heavy vehicle line by line, surface, drop point.

The actual impact velocity and free fall time is less than a free fall 1%.
After the test according to the relevant standards or regulations to inspect the damage filling packing and inner, and analysis of test results.

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