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Haida Service Notification

Initial use of the product Notes:
1. Out of the box acceptance:

The product out of the box, the user first in accordance with the requirements of the purchase contract and configuration, check the packing list is consistent with it, and then follow the packing list and confirm whether the random attachment is complete, if any Haida equipment to get in touch. Since the goods receipt within 7 days the user did not raise objection, Haida equipment will be recognized as a user acceptance and factory configuration, and complete configuration well. (When the product is removed from the box, pay attention to the warning signs (such as "cut here", etc.), and in accordance with the corresponding requirements for operation.
2. Product debugging:
After the product is out of the box, the user should read the random product manual and the relevant information, and then follow the requirements of the test environment (conditions), power, air supply, operating parameters and mode of operation for product debugging. If there is any unknown, please contact with Haida equipment after-sales service center, after confirmation and then debugging. (Please note that the software is installed and can be used directly at the factory, and the CD-ROM is kept for later use.)

3. Daily operation:
Before using the product, first confirm the test environment (conditions), power, gas, operating parameters meet the test requirements. If there is a problem, you can refer to the product manual or landing Haida equipment website inquiries related information; can also contact Haida equipment after-sales service center. In order to facilitate the service staff to the problems you encounter can be given accurate and timely processing, be sure to ask you before doing the following preparatory work:
(1) through the product identification (or the use of manuals, product certification) to determine the product model;
(2) have read the product brochure carefully and prepared it at hand;
(3) to provide detailed fault phenomena (such as display content, running status, etc.), failure time and other more specific information (the user if the concealment of the real situation, resulting in loss borne by the user).

4. Confirmation of warranty period:
The warranty period shall be within one year from the date indicated on the printed form (specify the product type and number and cover the Haida Instruments). If the user can not provide the product out of the library (or copy), according to Haida equipment to provide the product date as the starting date to calculate the warranty period. The corresponding provisions in the warranty period are not applicable when one of the following conditions is true:
(1). Loss of consumables and consumables, such as filter paper, lamp and so on.
(2). Damage to the product or its parts is caused by the use of expansion parts or peripherals that are not approved by Haida Instruments.
(3). Damage to the product or its parts due to non-normal causes (including non-compliant power, air supply, working environment, external forces, and foreign objects entering the equipment).
(4). Natural factors (earthquakes, fires, etc.) or accidents (stolen, lost, etc.) that cause non-human forces to damage the product or its components.
(5). Self-disassembly, repair, modification of the product or its parts damaged.
(6). Plug the power cord, print line, communication cable, and other connection wires to cause damage to the product or its components.

5. Warranty expires confirmation:
The date of expiry of the date of listing of the product (if the product model and number is marked with the stamped out of the Haida Instrument) or the copy of the warehouse. If the user can not provide the product out of the library (or copy), according to Haida equipment to provide the product date as the warranty date of the start date.
6. Service contents:
(1). Conduct guidance, technical support and telephone, written or on-site training for user product operation.
(2). For the failure of the product to help users troubleshooting processing, or return to the factory maintenance, or on-site maintenance work.
(3). From time to time on the use of user products for telephone or home visits and technical guidance.
(4). Provide download of product usage and troubleshooting guidance data on Haida Instruments website.
7. Calculation of service costs:
(1). Warranty period due to product quality problems caused by the maintenance, Haida equipment will undertake product maintenance, technical support, equipment from the transport, staff and the replacement of the cost of parts, product delivery methods and personnel by the tools by Haida The instrument is determined.
(2). Warranty period of product maintenance, Haida equipment free of repair costs, when the replacement parts for the cost of replacement, return to the factory maintenance Haida equipment to bear the cost of transport, transportation by Haida equipment to determine, on-site service users Bear the cost of home expenses.
(3). Warranty during the maintenance of dispatch accessories, the cost borne by the Haida equipment, transportation by Haida equipment to determine.
(4). home visits and free training products on-site training, all costs borne by Haida equipment; do not belong to the training of free training products, personnel training costs borne by the user.
(5). For non-Haida equipment sold products, users can not get the support of the manufacturer, Haida equipment can provide the appropriate services and support services in the process of all the costs borne by the user.
8. Service response cycle
(1). Haida equipment service personnel received the request, will be 12 hours to respond, and timely technical guidance to help users solve the problem. When dispatching accessories, spare parts will be issued within 7 working days.
(2). Products returned to the factory maintenance, Haida equipment will receive the product within 1 working day to inform the user arrival and inspection of the situation, within 2 working days to repair and notify the customer to deal with the situation, and then after the repair 1 business day will be issued (charge received when the receipt of the end of the fax within 1 working days after the product will be issued).
(3). On-site maintenance service, after the two sides signed a service contract (or an oral agreement), no special circumstances in accordance with the non-holiday:
(4). On-site product training, generally in accordance with the product to reach the user's time to start the calculation, when the charges received by the end of the receipt of the end of the fax to start the calculation, no special circumstances in accordance with the non-holiday:
When agreed with the user in accordance with the agreement.

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