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Mercedes – Benz Plants to Go All- Electric by End of Decade

Mercedes – Benz Plants to Go All- Electric by End of Decade



Mercedes – Benz AG said it is gearing up to all-electric by the end of the 

decade. It’s the latest sign of how big car companies are preparing for a 

future based on electric vehicles.


The shift towards electric vehicles is accelerating, include traditional lux

ury brands, Audi, BMW, Jaguar…, These companies will increase its rese

arch and development in battery electric vehicles. Plans from Mercedes 

Benz will seek to establish eight gigafactories to build the power cells to 

fit the future demand on batteries. 


At past decade we, Haida International Testing Equipment, focus on prov

ide testing solution from solar panel, battery, charging station and Electri

c Vehicles in China, the largest Electric Vehicles market, our experience c

an help industry to meet the growing up needs and develop issues. 

Reference form: Mercedes Benz STRATEGY. (2021, July 26). Daimler Group. 

Sawyer Mak

Head of Global Market (New Energy Testing Solution Expert)

Haida International 

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