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Sophisticated detection equipment: innovation in order to break the siege

Sophisticated detection equipment: innovation in order to break the siege

   China's economy continues to develop, the international status has also made some achievements, industrial development is now closer to our daily lives. Since the launch since sophisticated detection equipment, industrial production in the country has been widely used to serve the entire industry. National policy support, is to promote the development of sophisticated detection equipment, but the development is also facing some problems, only by strengthening independent innovation, to form his own brand.

Elaborate on the ins and outs of sophisticated detection equipment

Sophisticated detection equipment, by definition, is a kind used for precision testing equipment. The so-called sophisticated detection equipment, we can split from literally interpreted, first precision, which directly determines the soul of the instrument, that is, precision, accuracy only with accurate measurements, the instrument can be called precise, it to serve as a modern industrial production; followed by testing, which defines the function of the instrument is detected based. And sophisticated detection equipment testing, we can also be understood as a measurement is to measure the workpiece and the product of the two-dimensional or three-dimensional parameters, ie the detection of sophisticated detection equipment mainly refers to the size measurements. Like images, coordinate, laser scanner, white light interferometer, etc. These are high-precision measuring instruments in the chain. So why this instrument is to enter the Chinese market it?

In the late 1990s, the development of modern industry, many companies in the production process can not produce qualified industrial products, which led directly to the majority of enterprises in the development interests are affected, and some even thus directly cause bankruptcy. In order to save the majority of industrial enterprises, the social development to provide more qualified industrial products, sophisticated detection equipment as an emerging industry into the Chinese domestic industry as sophisticated detection equipment is used in industrial product testing, so in the domestic industry is widely used in production and service in the entire industry.

However, sophisticated detection equipment in modern industry, but is a relatively special industry, because it belongs in a modern industrial sector, but also for the service of modern industrial production, in other words sophisticated detection equipment can be connected to a number of non-related industries together, they can make modern industry closer to our daily lives.

Favorable policies to promote the development of sophisticated detection equipment

The next decade, our intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, should firmly grasp the development of strategic opportunities, the spirit of "innovation priorities, key breakthrough, technology integration, solid foundation, multiple input" principle, for the transform and upgrade traditional industries and strategic emerging needs of industrial development, the manufacturing process for the perception, analysis, decision making, control and execution of such links, the integration of integration of advanced manufacturing, information and intelligence technology, manufacturing automation, intelligent, lean and green.

Focus on developing high-precision, high stability, intelligent pressure, flow, level, composition instrumentation and high reliability actuators, smart grid advanced measurement instrumentation AMI, materials analysis precision test instruments and mechanical testing equipment, new non-destructive testing and environment, safety testing equipment, defense and other types of special test equipment test equipment.

Industries, China manufacturing for the high-end market share is very low, in the instrument industry is no exception. But with this contradiction, we can not develop the high-end scientific research personnel are not precision instruments, the most lacking is the ability to translate into commercial fruit. Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Center for Nanoscience and cooperation, "high-speed scanning atomic force microscope" project as a case study may help in the development of domestic equipment companies on the road, drawing twelve.

Of sophisticated detection equipment to strengthen the independent innovation and R & D

China precision instrument industry after decades of construction and development, can not be ignored, and has formed a relatively complete product, with a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system has become the exception of Japan has the world's second producer of a large number. But our precision measurement technology and equipment can not meet the current situation is still far from the rapid development of the domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing industry needs, particularly in the advanced measurement techniques and instrumentation basic theoretical research, development of key technologies in common with foreign advanced level there are still relatively large gap.

Although China has emerged as the world's second largest industrialized countries, but China's equipment manufacturing industry, the overall strength and level with the world advanced level, there is not a small gap, especially in some high-end equipment and precision instruments and other core components, to a large extent still rely on imports. High-end equipment manufacturing industry is technology-intensive equipment manufacturing industry a high degree of industry is the development of high-end manufacturing the core and key. At present, we must accelerate the pace of technological innovation, to seize the new round of global industrial layout opportunity, relying on low-carbon technology and information technology to enhance the overall level of equipment manufacturing industry, to promote the industrialization process.

Sophisticated detection equipment industry development is not an overnight thing, but as long as we are in every aspect to make adequate preparations, in the process of development can not keep up the pace because they are not being eliminated by the market and society.
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