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Test (Haida subsidiary) Furniture instrumentation into Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd.

Test (Haida subsidiary) Furniture instrumentation into Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd.


Report from our correspondentTest Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. (Haida subsidiary)and Hong Yi Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd. signed the first comprehensive test equipment furniture, tables Locks testing machine, had been sent Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd. settled.
The participation in communication, communication, delivery, training services are Division I:
Technical director, Mr. Mak, the total service manager Mr. Liu, Project Specialist Miss Fan,
The work Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd. to glory projects are:
A sponge resilience tester
2, the mattress Impact Tester
3, sponges (spring) Fatigue Testing Machine
4, sponges indentation hardness testing machine (without a computer)
5, mattress spring testing machine
6, mattress indentation hardness test
Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd. Profile
It is understood that Wang Yi Wang Yi Industrial Co., Northeast Group is a research and development, manufacturing, marketing a variety of sponges, tuck flowers, mattresses, iron beds and other products of intensive enterprises in fifteen years of sustained development consistently adhere to the quality of survival, reputation and development, market demand-oriented, innovation, forge ahead
According Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co. engineer leader long description:
Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd. together win-win cooperation Tester Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly based on the following aspects:
1, Tester Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional production factory, excellent quality;
2, product design and the look and feel of Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., consistent with the requirements;
3, there are many with excellent strength, skilled technical engineers;
4, 7 * 24 hours can provide technical support and services;
5, Tester Testing Instruments patented technology for product and through the relevant certification;
6, Tester Testing Instruments is a growing company, is a potential dark horse shares;
7, free production, reasonable price and the fastest service, worry-free sale, satisfied.
[Furniture General Test Equipment: Tester furniture instrumentation into Yihong Industrial (Harbin) Co., Ltd.] as original content Tester Testing Instruments
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