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Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. Got Success In FMC China 2013

Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. Got Success In FMC China 2013


Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. Got Success In FMC China 2013

    11-14 September 2013, Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in 19th China International Furniture production equipment and raw materials exhibition (FMC China 2013) held atthe Shanghai World Expo Exhibition,held in the same field over the same period, "China International Furniture Accessories and materials Exhibition "(FMC PREMIUM 2013). Meanwhile,  "19th China International Furniture Fair" (FURNITURE CHINA 2013)was also held in the New International Exhibition Center. The exhibition area of ??71,000 square meters, attracted 850 exhibitors from home and abroad.

(Exhibition site at the gate, and the scene is very spectacular)

    Haida as a test instrument industry leader, Haida sent staff who is responsible for professional furniture testing equipment , and show the most comprehensive and advanced furniture testing equipment to the exhibitors. Such as mattresses rolling tester, office furniture tester.


(Exhibition before the official start of the exhibition, Haida International Instrument Co., position, very neat)

    During the exhibition, haida equipment staff with enthusiastic attitude and professional knowledge for all exhibitors to introduce instruments and related information, and live demonstration operation process.Attracted a large number of exhibitors at home and abroad, and cooperation with a number of clients will be the next step,access to exhibitors and event organizers alike.The exhibition, haida with clients have achieved win-win results is very satisfactory, it was a great success!

(Haida customer service staff exchanges with foreign exhibitors are very happy)