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Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. complete success in CIFM.

Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. complete success in CIFM.


On CIFM exhibition held from 3.28 to 4.1, Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. complete success of the exhibition, the exhibition organizers and exhibitors agreed that the Haida outstanding performance on the show, showing great professionalism and friendly service.


The five-day exhibition, Haida showcased furniture testing instruments, namely chair universal tester, chair drop impact tester, chair castor tester,chaise vertical force tester, these testing instruments is mainly applied to test different types of chairs, but also to test different aspects of the same chair. Of course, not only the production of chairs tester Haida also produce other furniture testing equipment, testing equipment as well as the production of mattresses, doors testing machine, including all aspects of physical testing of furniture.


Haida is China testing instrumentation industry leader, the main furniture testing equipment, paper testing instruments, environmental testing equipment and universal tensile testing machine. Quality assurance, friends who is with the intention can contact us.