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Haida participated in the 2th Shenzhen electronic commerce Expo

Haida participated in the 2th Shenzhen electronic commerce Expo


Haida participated in the 2th Shenzhen electronic commerce Expo


June 27 - 29 2014 ,the 2th Chinese (Shenzhen) electronic commerce exposition in Shenzhen Exhibition Center was held as scheduled. This exposition is "feel the pulse of electric business development trend, the transformation and upgrading of power enterprises"As the theme, Haida as leader of testing equipment industry of foreign e-commerce marketing in China , participated in the Expo actively to continue to learn theexperience and spirit of exploration , communicated and cooperated with many participants .


This exhibition is mainly composed of Alibaba organization to participate in the Expo, Haida detection instrument as an important customer of Alibaba, has been with the Alibaba cooperation for more than 5 years, have also been invited to participate in the electronic commerce Expo. The Expo provided opportunity to the vast number of electronic commerce and trade enterprises for long-term cooperation of mutual exchange in the future. During the Expo, Alibaba organization a lot about electronic commerce forum, showing a plurality of third party e-commerce service providers and their products,  to provide many new ways and direction and specific solutions in e-commerce for many enterprises.


Haida in Alibaba platform main detection equipment, the main products include tensile testing machine, paper product testing instruments and environmental testing chambers( If you wanna kown more about Haida Alibaba,please click ). The more channels with the development of electronic commerce to Haida, Haida also borrow this e-commerce platform to develop faster.This exhibition will help better understanding and learning the electronic commerce, and makeing better use of e-commerce economic model which is represent the general trend, Haida will develop more rapidly after learning and progress!