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"Manifest Team Glamour. Achieve Haida Resplendence." Development Trip

"Manifest Team Glamour. Achieve Haida Resplendence." Development Trip


In order to promote enterprise culture construction, strengthen information communication and coordination between departments, emphasize team spirit and personnel cohesion, and relax employees, Haida Instruments Company organized a development trip for all staffs, with the topic "Manifest Team Glamour. Achieve Haida Resplendence."

In the early morning, we took two tourist buses to Xunliao Bay. We talked in a jovial mood all the way. At that time, everybody was extraordinarily relaxes. We could feel about the welfare from company from all sides. It brought us incomparable happiness. Everybody were grateful from the heart for the chance provided by our company. 

Wonderful Game

How happy hours flied! There were footprints, happy laughters and cheerful voices left on this beach. We took group photos of our all staffs on the beach, leaving marks for our company culture construction.

That was how we got to 5:00 pm. Everybody was exhausted, but we were tired with happiness, because we had got so much.
Haida Instruments Company has been always paid attention to the "People First" principle of development and scientific development. So it naturally pays attention to staffs' mental attitude and holiday life. That was also why our company arranged this holiday tour. Hereon, thanks for the platform from our company. In the future work, that happiness will further encourage every staff to move forward and to create better performance.

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