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How to Choose Tensile Testing Equipment?

How to Choose Tensile Testing Equipment?


How to Choose Tensile Testing Equipment?

Tensile testing machine is the transmission machinery widely applied, with continuous development of the test machine era, the testing machines testing tension and impact can be combined through computer. There are so many testing machine manufacturer on the market, so sometimes we don't know how to choose. Here are some criteria to help users choose the optional process.

1. Range selection

Many customers may be not very understanding about their own business or the the material of organization in the purchase process. In this case, it may cause the wrong range selection, because some materials are special, so we should consider the size of the material to be measured in the selection process, in order to determine the actual size of the testing machine. Because the testing machine is divided into medium and small type, if we don't take into account these reasons not in the selection process, then if we use small-scale Tensile testing equipmentse to test large material properties in the future, it may damage the machine due to some problems. Therefore, each customer must choose the appropriate test models base on specific enterprise or institution's actual situation in the selection process. tensile testing equipment

2. Check its main features and scope

Different tensile testing machine have different functions, so customers should select according to their conditions in the purchase process, if the enterprise is to study the high-tech material, then it must choose some special high-strength tensile test machine, so as to meet the needs of continuous testing results of material ability. If you choose testing machines with general hardness, especially some polymer materials experiments requiring high strength testing machine to test, so in this development process, you should make timely exclusion of these factors, in particular, pay attention that the scale as well as the choice of the specific fixture should be appropriate.

3. Select the appropriate testing machine according to the tensile standard

According to different tests, tensile testing machine can be roughly divided into the swing cone and electronic tensile testing machine two types, and the more extensively used on the current market is electronic tensile testing machine, but the actual situation should be selected according to the development of enterprises and the actual situation. Because the electronic machines use computer technology, and have human incomparable ability in accuracy of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis capabilities, so you should choose your own machine type for the different use and actual situation.

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