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Packages drop testing

Packages drop testing


The drop test, also known as the “package drop test machine”, is used to simulate the different edges, angles and faces of the product when it is dropped on the ground at different heights to understand the damage of the product and to evaluate the product packaging components when they fall. Able to withstand slump height and impact strength. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the product and the scope of national standards, improve and improve the packaging design.

The principle of the drop test - the package is dropped to a hard, level surface at a specified height to assess the ability of the package to withstand vertical impact and the packaging's ability to protect the contents.

It is used to simulate the possible fall of the product during handling. include:

(1) A free fall that a product in a non-packaged state may undergo during handling, and the sample is usually dropped from a prescribed height onto a prescribed surface in a prescribed posture.

(2) Repetitive free fall that may be experienced by connectors, small remote controls, etc. on the analog load cable.

(3) Package drop


The main parameters

1, the drop height

2, the number of falls

3, falling surface

Restricted factor

1.    Height

2.    Sample shape (for free fall)


Test procedure

The drop test procedure can usually refer to the following steps of a test laboratory:

1. Preparation of the sample before the test.

2. The function, safety and appearance inspection of the product shall be tested before the test, and the drop test may be carried out after the normality is determined.

3. The sample must be packed according to the prescribed method (refer to the production instruction or specification), and the accessories must not be leaked.

4. If there are special requirements for sealing (such as tape), if required, if there is no special requirement: the box is sealed with 2 inch transparent plastic paper, and the outer cartoon box is sealed with 3 inch transparent plastic paper.

5. The test sample should not be less than 2 full boxes or 4PCS finished products.

6, the order of the fall.

7. The bottom corner of the seam.


Drop height

There are special standards for the drop test countries. The drop method is a free fall of one, three, and six sides. The height of the fall is determined by the weight of the product.

It is divided into several grades of 90cm, 76cm and 65cm.

Packaged goods weight (lbs) / (kg) drop height (inches) / (cm)

1~20.99 lbs (0.45~9.54kg) 30 in / (76.20cm)

21~40.99 lbs (9.55~18.63kg) 24 in / (60.96cm)

41~60.99 lbs (18.64~27.72 kg) 18 in / (45.72cm)

61~100 lbs (27.73~45.45kg) 12 in / (30.48cm)

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