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China Aerospace spacecraft lit space journey

China Aerospace spacecraft lit space journey


China Aerospace spacecraft lit space journey

April 20 at 19:41, China Wenchang space launch site, on the 1st cargo spacecraft take the Long March VII launch rocket into space.

As the space shuttle Hercules, the sun on the 1st of the cargo load, cargo transport and other comprehensive ability to shoulder even better than the international active cargo spacecraft. It can be more than 6 tons of material transported to space, close to the Tigers One load capacity of 2 times higher than the Russian cargo spacecraft progress M type and the United States of the Swan spacecraft expansion type.

One task boat transit cargo spacecraft to orbit after docking and Temple II accurate, high precision of the launch, the launch window is not a time frame, but a certain point in time, this is the aerospace call "zero window "on the reliability of the rocket launch site and the system has placed enormous demands.

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