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Ozone Resistance Test Chamber

Ozone Resistance Test Chamber

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Ozone Resistance Test Chamber

Ozone aging test chamber video                    Ozone aging test chamber pdf

1. Product introduction

Ozone Resistance Test Chamber is a one kind of environmental test chamber. main for rubber products to test the change degree of cracking or other properties in climatic natural ozone environment.

2.Main function

Ozone Resistance Test Chamber is mainly used to study the role of ozone on the rubber, rubber rapid identification and evaluation of anti-aging properties of ozone, static test and dynamic test are divided into two test methods

3.Main feature

Equipment by the occurrence of silent and efficient ozone generator ozone gas, and a certain amount of air processed, the switch in the mixture into the chamber, the continuous line UV detector to detect the concentration of ozone, ozone generator control feedback to the systems to control system settings according to the occurrence of effective control of ozone to the ozone chamber to maintain the appropriate concentration of work by heating humidification systems to meet all the test conditions.

4.Corresponding standard

JIS K 6259 , ASTM1149 , ASTM1171,   ISO1431,  DIN53509 , GB/T13642, GB/T 7762-2003

 GB 2951

5.Technical parameter: 

Model HD-E801

Internal dimension (WxDxH): 500*600*500mm

External dimension (WxDxH): 1000*1000*1750mm

Temperature range: RT+10~ 60℃ (suggest to use 40℃±2)

Temperature Fluctuation:  ±1℃

Ozone concentration: 50~1000 pphm, adjustable

Ozone concentration deviation: ±10%

Sample holder: SUS#304 stainless steel

Temperature controller: Programmable touch screen controller

Ozone concentration analysis: Concentration analysis meter

Ozone generator: High pressure silence discharge type

Protection system: Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, over heat

Test criteria: ASTM D1149, ISO 1431, JIS K6259...

6. Chamber pictures:
Ozone Resistance Test ChamberOzone Resistance Test Chamber

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