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Salt Spray Corrosion Tester

Salt Spray Corrosion Tester

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Salt Spray Corrosion Tester

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Product Description

Salt spray corrosion test chamber through the examination of the material and its ability to salt spray corrosion protective layer, and a protective layer similar process quality compared to the same time assess the ability of certain product resistance to salt spray corrosion; this product is suitable for parts and components, electronic salt spray corrosion test element, a protective layer of metal materials and industrial products.

Experiment method
GB / T2423.17-2008 salt spray test method
GB / T 2423.18-2000 "basic procedures for electric and electronic products Test Ka"
GB / T10125-1997 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres - salt spray test _
GB / T10587-2006 salt spray test chamber Technical conditions
GB10593.2-1990 electric and electronic products environmental parameters measurements
GB / T1765-1979 Determination of resistance to humidity, salt spray, weather resistance (artificial acceleration) of the film prepared test
GB / T1771-2007 Paints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray
GB / T12967.3-2008 aluminum and anodized aluminum alloy film detection methods - Part 3: Copper accelerated
GB / T5170.8-2008 and IEC, MIL, DIN, ASTM and other standards equivalent to experiment method

Do Test Method:
Neutral salt spray test (NSS test) salt spray test (SS test)
Acetic acid salt spray test (ASS test)
Copper accelerated vinegar instinct test
Heat and humidity test
Test temperature: neutral salt spray test: Laboratory: 35 ℃ ± 1 ℃, b saturated air barrel:. 47 ℃ ± 1 ℃, acid corrosion test: Laboratory: 50 ℃ ± 1 ℃, b saturated air barrel: 63 ℃ ± 1 ℃, may be set according to JIS, CNS and other standards

Auto replenishment of water when water level is inadequate.
Precision glass nozzle (PYREX Brand): The manufacturer guarantees that the nozzle shall not be 
jammed by crystallization of salt within 3000 hours after filling of the brine.
The controlling devices are installed on one panel that offers simple operation.
The sprayer is equipped with dual overheating protections and alarm for inadequate water level so
as to assure safety.

Main Technical Parameter



Internal Size (W*D*H)


External Size (W*D*H)


Equipment Material

P.V.C rigid plastic plate, thickness 8mm

Sample tray

Diameter 10mm glass fiber rod,   anti-rust

V-shape plastic steel to make sure   sample in 15~30 degree inclined

Temperature Range

Room temperature ~ 55

Temperature Fluctuations


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Precision


Spraying method

Continuous and Periodic spray type

Test Chamber Temperature

Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS)35±1
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) 50±1

Saturated air Barrel Temperature

Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS)47±1
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) 63±1

Brine Temperature


Spray Quantity

1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr

PH value

Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS6.5~7.2)
  Corrosion-resistant Testing Method(CASS)3.0~3.2

Lab Volume


Brine Tank Capacity


Multiple Safety Protection Devices

Current discharge protection, over pressure   protection, over temperature protection, over load fuse protection


Testing Salt/ Measuring tank/Nozzle Equipment x 1   set

Air source

1HP Air pump (provided by buyer)

Test criteria

ASTM B117-08, ISO 9227...

1, regular cleaning and maintenance of salt spray chamber pressure tank, brine tank nozzle.
2. Do not pressure sodium chloride solution from the barrel manually add water poured out, the first transfer solution within the cylinder and then further cleaned with distilled water.
3, Do not test the exhaust pipe behind the blockage, in order to avoid too much pressure to make the cabinets housing deformation.
4, do not put inflammable and explosive materials inside.
5, salt spray chamber behind the pressure gauge is 2 kg, 1 kg in front, factory in Wuhan still test test Equipment Co., Ltd. has designed, do not tamper with.
6, spray amount is less than set the spray tower to increase, reduce excessive spray spray tower (spray amount collected standard is 1 ~ 2ml / h, takes in 16-hour average)

 Watch more test video"click here"


Packaging & Shipping

Simulation Animatronic Customer Triceratops are covered with air bubble film before put them into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc.  




Company Information

The introduction of Haida  

Haida products are widely used in paper products, packaging, ink printing, adhesive tapes, bags, footwear, leather products, environment, toys, baby products, hardware, electronic products, plastic products, rubber products and other industries, and are applicable to all scientific research units, quality inspection institutions and academic fields. Our products meet UL, ASTM, JIS, GB,SO, TAPPI, EN, DIN, BS and other domestic and international standards.  





Our Services

If you face any problems in future during testing process we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 3 working days. We can offer operation video and English operation muanual. We can provide video-conference. If customers require on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer.  

1. Pre-service  

    24 Hours online service for your consult.  

    Help choose right model,and a series  of service,person,advise.       

2. Middle service  

    --Give you best offer  

    --Provide discount for many sets order  

    --Do customer's request:  

    --Choose payment term you convienent.  

    --Promptly production and delivery,inform you in time.  

    --Can provide invoice value as you like to decrease your tax.      

3After sale service   

   --1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.  

   --Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.  

   --Free change for some parts  

   --Remote control technical consult  

   --Free installation DVD  

   --Maintenance plan  


We will sign a letter of commitment while we sign the contract, which will improve your confidence to us.  

5,Good Packaging:    

Good Packaging:  Simulation Animatronic Customer Triceratops are covered with air bubble film before put them into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc.  






Why choose us?   

1. Considerate Service Different countries plugs, manually change the-voltage from 110V to 220V, insurance indicator.  

2.Excellent After sale Service: 
18 months warranty. Besides, we can help you to repair your problem controller freely, even it's not from our factory. What you need to do is to send us the controller.

We will sign a letter of commitment while we sign the contract, which will improve your confidence to us.

4.Good Packaging:  

Simulation Animatronic Customer Triceratops are covered with air bubble film before put them into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc.  


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