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RoHS halogen-free environmental protection detector Ux-350S

RoHS halogen-free environmental protection detector Ux-350S

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

RoHS halogen-free environmental protection detector Ux-350S

Products for RoHS directive control: large appliances, small appliances, information technology and communication equipment, power tools, toys and other equipment

Products for halogen-free directive control: Products using flame retardants containing Cl, Br and other elements as raw materials

1. Triple-ray protection (software, hardware, labyrinth design), to ensure the personal safety of operators and radiation damage caused by accidental operation;

2. Large sample cavity design, suitable for large sample detection, partially replacing the handheld XRF function;

3. Adopting a new light path design, the negative impact of air light path on the measurement of Cl element is solved to the greatest extent, and the detection limit and stability of chlorine (Cl) element are guaranteed;

4. The latest optimized V8.0 analysis software can automatically set the power of the light pipe according to the sample material, shape and size, which can not only extend the life of the light pipe but also give full play to the performance of the detector, greatly improving the measurement accuracy;

5. The only platform in the industry that provides an open working curve calibration platform, which can tailor the best hazardous substance detection and control plan for users;

6. Integrates a series of advanced spectral processing methods, including FFT (Fast Fourier Transform Filtering), accurate background subtraction method, automatic peak quotient derivation and Quasi-Newton optimization algorithm;

7. The world's leading XRF analysis software incorporates a variety of classic analysis methods, including the empirical coefficient method, the basic parameter method (FP method), and the theoretical alpha coefficient method, to fully ensure the accuracy of test data;

8. The test report output format (Excel, PDF, etc.) can be customized according to user requirements, which meets various statistics and format requirements of the factory;

9. Can provide hexavalent chromium quantitative testing technology and accessories, coating thickness measurement and multi-element analysis software (users need to purchase separately);

10. Multilingual software interface to choose from;

11. Huawei's original spectrum comparison analysis method, timely warning function for supplier material changes.


2.3 Instrument technical indicators

1. Instrument size: 640 (W) x450 (D) x412 (H) mm

2. Sample cavity size: 300 * 300 * 80mm;

3. Test element range: elements in S-U

4. Detection range: 1ppm-99.99%

5.RoHS detection limit: Pb≤5ppm, Cd / Cr / Hg / Br≤2ppm, Cl≤50ppm

6. Test sample type: solid, powder and liquid

7. Measurement time: 120-400s (system automatic adjustment)

8. Optimal resolution: see detailed parameter description of detection system

9. Collimator: Φ2mm, Φ5mm

10. Filters: 8 kinds of composite filters automatically switch

11. CCD observation: 1.3 million pixel high-resolution CCD

12. Sample micro movement range: XY8mm

13. Input power: AC220V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz

14. Rated power: 350W

15. Weight: about 48Kg

16. Working environment temperature: 15-30 ° C

17. Relative humidity of working environment: ≤85% (non-condensing)

18.Stability: Repeatability error of multiple measurements is less than 0.1%

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