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Salt Spray Machine - Office furniture articles

Salt Spray Machine - Office furniture articles



Beautiful office environmentyou deserve to have.


Rusted the screws

At present a lot of furniture are useful to the screw, common screw is very easy to rust, especially the frequent contact with the position of the human body sweat



Five feet get rusty

Iron or steel five-star feet, above the ground is lower, easily stained to drip when mop the floor, mopping the scour slightly corrosive, over a period of time, a star is rusted


screws Drop

Material of screw force is insufficient, in under the action of external force, screw fall. Serious destruction to the beauty of the office chair

Whatever the above cases, seriously affected the chair's overall appearance, affected the whole office is beautiful, the more serious can also affect your mood, affect work efficiency.Especially for young people who have just graduated now, good working environment than generous pay more attractive.


Salt Spray Machine for all kinds of surface treatment, coating, electroplating, inorganic and organic membrane, cathode processing rust-proof oil after anticorrosive processing, test the corrosion resistance of their products.



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