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Share our timely communication

Share our timely communication


Share Our Timely Communication

Last July to the British customer (redtroniclimited) did a luminaire test program, because it is the first time to meet, the initial offer customers only request non-standard custom ip9x rain test chamber and sand dust test chamber. Two equipment program information, in order to provide customers with a full range of testing programs, patient inquiries, customer needs, The customer shared a lab video of their competitor and found that there was a rain test machine, constant temperature and humidity tester, drop machine, analog vibration table ... At that time I gave the customer to recommend the video to see the test plan, the customer confirmed the choice of two equipment: non-standard custom ip9x rain and constant temperature and humidity testing machine. At the end of August customers come to visit our factory inspection, as for the other Test plans to consider investment.

According to customer testing needs, ip9k Rain testing machine must be non-standard customization, technically stringent requirements, the delivery period took 2 months, until October to complete the test equipment acceptance. As the equipment is transported by sea, long distance bumps, constant temperature and humidity testing machine parts abnormal, customers immediately call to inform the point of concern, expressed concern about the use of follow-up, the first cooperation on the emergence of such problems ... After receiving the question, I also attach great importance to customer feedback, at the same time because not at the scene can not be hundred points to confirm the problem, please customer response to the photo, the first time to respond to the customer and the technical engineer under the guidance of a step-by-step carefully teach the customer to troubleshoot the problem, good, half an hour of time problem solved. The customer hangs the heart finally landed, my tight heart also relieved.

ip9x rain test chamber and sand dust test chamber
Equipment at the beginning of the most use, has been followed by the situation of customer use, customer satisfaction, after the use of 2 months, the customer company due to the operation of the replacement of the reason, request us to teach the machine, in response to customer requirements, 24 hours to complete a successful teaching machine. Customers on the Division I service efficiency repeatedly praised, said even if the ocean across the sea also let them very peace of mind.

 ip9x rain test chamber and sand dust test chamber

At the end of December, the customer again under the single Analog transport vibration table, drop testing machine and other equipment. Because in the country, immediately near the Spring festival holiday, mail to inform customers that the equipment will arrive during our holiday, and remind customers to receive equipment after any equipment related problems or needs can still contact me, and I also gave the customer to leave our engineer's phone. The customer replied with thanks. Remember that day just a year reunion dinner, customers send WhatsApp contact said to immediately contact me, because the workers error will be damaged paper instructions, we need to provide a new copy, and online. At that time I immediately put down the table, immediately contacted the quality Department to assist in providing instructions electronic file information, at that time, Quality department colleagues did not at home, it took half an hour to go home to open computer search information. I immediately reply to the customer asked him to wait patiently for half an hour, good customer did not lose his temper, sure enough, half an hour after the customer successfully received the instructions electronic file. Customers are grateful for my timely help, but also said to send me New Year gift, I immediately moved, I a small move, the customer unexpectedly so grateful ...

 ip9x rain test chamber and sand dust test chamber

Each and every customer communication has a long-term process history, every turn may be a new hope.

I have been holding this mentality, customers have a problem I will help customers in time to solve problems.

I'm also happy to be friends with clients and listen to all the interesting things they say about their city.

Haida is specialized in various test equipment such as paper&package test machine, universal test machine, furniture test machine, environmental test machine etc.

In the future we will follow our vision: To be the world class testing equipment enterprise. And express our value: Loyalty, Efficiency, Passion, Creative, Sharing and Persistence. On the other hand we are also an environment and social responsibility company we work for better environment and keep focus on improve human life. We will become the world class testing equipment enterprise.